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For a gamer, the quality of a computer headset plays an important role: well-chosen headphones will allow you to fully enjoy the sound effects, provide high-quality communication with colleagues and opponents in the game. According to the type of design, headphones for a computer are divided into on – ear and full-size devices. Full-sized “ears” with a microphone are better suited for professional audio work.

Every game lover nowadays installs discord on their PC and so they need a good pair of headphones as well.

How to choose a gaming headphone

Acoustic design – computer headphones are divided into closed and open designs. A closed headset provides complete sound isolation and does not let sound out, while placing an increased strain on the wearer’s hearing aid. The cups of the open models have external holes, this design provides natural sounding, reduces fatigue, but does not isolate from external sounds.

Frequency range – the wider the frequency range, the more pronounced and saturated the sound produced by the emitter. For headphones of the middle price category, the optimal frequency limit is 18-20000 Hz, better and more expensive models have a frequency range from 6 to 51000 Hz.

Resistance – the indicator is interrelated with the technical characteristics of the computer: the higher the impedance, the more powerful the sound source should be. Good models should not have impedance below 32 ohms. The nominal impedance also affects the quality characteristics of the acoustics: the higher the value, the lower the level of electrical noise.

Sensitivity is an indicator that affects the sound volume.

Comfortable fit – headphones should not create discomfort when worn on the head.

Secondary criteria include:


color scheme;

manufacturer’s fame.

Top models of headphones for gaming on a computer are presented in the review.

Best full-size gaming headphones

The full-size model of the AP-U980MV headphones from the SVEN brand will recreate the illusion of being in the game. The gaming headset with a microphone sits comfortably on the head, the body of the product is made of high-quality plastic, artificial leather is used for upholstery of the internal parts, the materials are pleasant to the touch.


connection – wired;

output slot – USB;

cable supply method – one-sided;

nominal resistance – 32 Ohm;

membrane diameter – 50 mm;

weight – 0.365 kg;

sound format – 7.1;

headphone sensitivity – 108 dB;

frequency – from 20 to 20,000 Hz;

microphone frequency range – from 30 to 16000 Hz;

sensitivity – 58 dB.


high-quality surround sound;

wide range of settings;

stylish design;

pleasant tactile sensations;

comfortable fit;

passive noise reduction system;

volume control;

dynamic backlight;

the ability to mute the microphone;

long cable in fabric braid;

attractive price.


the backlight is not turned off;

non-removable microphone design;

it is required to regularly wipe with a damp cloth due to the appearance of greasy stains.

Best aluminum frame gaming headphones

The HyperX Cloud Alpha  is based on an aluminum frame for added strength and rigidity to the entire structure. The headset cups are made using aluminum and high-quality plastic; leatherette is used in the decoration of the ear cushions and headband. A key feature of the model is the dual-chamber driver structure, which isolates the bass from the high and mid frequencies. This design makes it possible to convey all the special effects used in the game, to provide high-quality feedback.


membrane diameter – 53 mm;

sound format – 7.1;

nominal resistance – 65 Ohm;

connection – wired;

connector type – minijack;

cable inlet – one-way;

ear sensitivity – 98 dB;

headphone frequency – from 17 to 27000 Hz;

microphone frequency – from 50 to 18000 Hz;

sensitivity – 43 dB;

weight – 0.336 kg.


wide frequency range;

compatibility with mobile devices , PC;

high quality external sound insulation;

thoughtful ergonomics;

high quality materials;

balanced sound;

Hi-Fi support;

soft ear pads;

detachable cable.

The downside is the high price.

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