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How to choose a gaming smartphone


A “gaming smartphone” that allows you to play games comfortably. Even works that are difficult to fully enjoy on ordinary smartphones, such as 3D games, can be played crisply. It is recommended for those who like smartphone games, but even if you say a gaming smartphone in a bite, its performance varies. You may be at a loss when choosing.

So this time, we will introduce how to choose a gaming smartphone and the ranking of popular products! We also pick up famous products from popular manufacturers such as Asus. Let’s enjoy smartphone games to the fullest with comfortable gaming smartphones!

  • “Gaming smartphone” to enjoy smartphone games to the fullest
  • How to choose a gaming smartphone

“Gaming smartphone” to enjoy smartphone games to the fullest:

As the name implies, a gaming smartphone is a smartphone that specializes in playing games. Compared to general smartphones, it has higher processing power such as graphics, and it is characterized by being able to play 3D and online games crisply.

Gorgeous graphics, real-time characteristics, online elements, etc. are becoming commonplace in recent smartphone games. However, with a general smartphone, the processing power cannot keep up, and you may not be able to enjoy the video to the fullest, or it may take time just to start up.

With high-spec gaming smartphones, you can comfortably play even complicated games, and there are also products with game-specific functions, so there are plenty of nice elements. Check it out if you often play smartphone games or play games with competitive elements!

How to choose a gaming smartphone:

Now let’s check how to choose a gaming smartphone. The CPU is the brain of a smartphone! Choose a high-performance one when choosing a gaming smartphone, first pay attention to how good the CPU is. The CPUs “Snapdragon” and “Kirin” are especially recommended. Check the model number.

When choosing a gaming smartphone, the first thing to check is the “CPU”. It is the brain of a smartphone and is closely related to the processing power of the game.

There are various types depending on the smartphone, but Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon” is particularly excellent, so we recommend the smartphone equipped with this. In addition, Snapdragon has a 3-digit model number at the back, and the larger the number, the newer and higher spec. Now, the high-end Snapdragon 8xx series and above are. The number of cores should be 8 and the operating frequency should be 1.8GHz or higher.

By paying attention not only to the CPU manufacturer but also to the number of cores and operating frequency, you can select a gaming smartphone with higher performance.

First, the “number of cores” is a number that indicates how many central parts of the CPU are. Generally, the more you have, the more processing you can do at the same time, and the smoother the game will work. If you want to play more comfortably, use Octa Core (8 cores) as a guide.

The operating frequency is expressed in the unit of “GHz”. A guideline for how many instructions can be processed per second. The higher the number, the higher the performance. It is recommended to use 1.8GHz or higher as a guide. Some smartphones combine two types of CPUs, but in that case it is ideal for one to be 2GHz or higher. Select memory (RAM) of 6GB or more as a guide.

The memory labeled “RAM” represents the work area. Since the work area is wide and the processing that can be done increases, the game will run smoothly.

As a concrete number, it is safe to have at least 6GB, preferably 8GB or more. Whether the content of the game is complicated and luxurious, you will need more work area, so please think about it according to the game you play. If you want to enjoy beautiful images, the one with high resolution is ◎

If you want to play games with beautiful graphics, choose a smartphone with high resolution. High-definition is 1280 x 720 pixels, and full high-definition is 1920 x 1080. Also, some recent high-end smartphones allow you to enjoy even higher resolution images such as 2K and 4K.

However, in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the image, the higher the resolution, the higher the CPU and RAM. First, check the resolution, and then check that the CPU and RAM are properly high-performance. If you enjoy music games, check out your commitment to voice.

There are also games where voice is important, such as games where you can enjoy sound games and voices of gorgeous voice actors. If you enjoy such games, also pay attention to the sound function.

For example, some products are particular about sound, such as earphones that support high-resolution sound sources and speakers placed on both sides to make the sound three-dimensional. Those who say “Sound and voice are important in games!” And “I want to enjoy sound games!” Should check it out. It is convenient to have a function specialized for the game

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