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How to Keep Your Laptop Temperature Down?


There was a time when laptops were quite expensive. But today they are found abundantly everywhere. Yet, the fact remains that PCs can perform heavier tasks more easily when compared to laptops. Laptops can heat up pretty quickly. This is the reason you should treat them with care. Especially with fast internet, that comes down with Spectrum deals, online streaming, and heavy games, laptops tend to heat up pretty fast. Read on below to fix this issue once and for all. 

Place on a Flat Surface

It is very important to place a laptop on a hard and flat surface. Remember that a good flow of air is very important to keep its hardware components cool. If you’re trying to place it on your lap or adjust it on the top of a pillow then it will heat up. Also, this is not a recommended practice as the exposure to dust particles is higher in this orientation. Moreover, if you think about it, this is not even a proper orientation to place your device in. Realize that you need to have a good viewing as well. Obviously, you don’t want to damage your eyes. Furthermore, make sure not to block the outlets with stickers or other intrusive images. They will block the heat dissipation and result in raising the device’s temperature. And finally, make sure not to expose your laptop directly to the sun ifvod

Clean It

Dust will block laptop outlets causing heat to stay within the casing. You don’t want that to happen. The dust can also collect around the fan and cause more problems. However, all you need to do is quite basic to keep your laptop dust-free. Buy a can of compressed air. You can use this spray in the spaces/holes in the laptop. Remember that your device must be powered off as you do this. You don’t want a short circuit to occur. Another way to keep your device clean is by frequently cleaning it with a cotton swab to remove any visible dust particles. Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner to clean effectively. If your fan is clogged with dust then it is better to seek professional services rather than opening the device yourself. You may end up damaging it.

Use a Stand

Buying a laptop stand may come in very handy. Do you know why? Because this will allow you to provide it a dedicated space for air ventilation. Moreover, certain stands come with fans while others come with cushions. These types of stands are very helpful in prolonging your device’s life and keeping it dust-free. They also prevent the device from heating up. Head over to and you can also make your own laptop stand with super cool DIY ideas!

Optimize Your Use

Not all laptops come with high-end hardware to tackle heavy graphics games or high-definition movies. Make sure that your hardware is good enough to execute heavy tasks. If that is not the case then whenever you perform a heavy task, your device will heat up. Make sure to close apps that you do not require and refrain from running heavy games on your laptop. Also, try lowering the brightness for better performance. Make sure to keep your device’s temperature in check. This feature comes in quite handy. You can do this by installing programs such as Speed Fan.

Turn on a Fan

It may be that your laptop’s internal fan is not up to the mark. However, you can address this issue effectively. All you have to do is keep your laptop in cooler environments or place a fan nearby so that your important hardware stays cool. Know that different laptops come with different types of fans. Note that an overheating problem may not be the result of a malfunctioning fan always. A proper diagnosis is, therefore, necessary. 

Let it Rest

Sometimes, take a small break from work. Let your laptop rest for a while. If the work is of an important nature, however, then make sure to switch between your laptop and PC from time to time. Take care of your laptop and do not overburden it. It will be able to last long and perform well for all your requirements and needs. I switched over from watching live shows on Spectrum TV when my laptop started lagging during online streams. I checked and it was a hardware issue. Laptops age but you can delay this ageing by treating them with care. Give your laptop the love it deserves.

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