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Classic Car Shipping Guide


Shipping Your Classic Car

If you have a classic car, you need to take better care of it than a modern one. You want it to stay in good condition. This is especially true when you want to ship it across the country. You want to make sure that it is not damaged in transport. 

Make sure that you do your diligent research before you choose a carrier to move your truck. You don’t want to choose the first one you see; you want to choose the one that is best for your vehicle. You can do this through comprehensive research. 

There are many vintage vehicle carriers that you can research. You can put classic car shipping services in a search engine to see what you can find. Be sure that you research any of them that you find.

This article will give you some information about shipping your classic car. It will help you learn how to choose the right transporter. You can also do more research to find the information you might need.

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What You Need to Know

Classic cars are rare vehicles that show a different era of the automobile industry. Owning a vintage vehicle is the dream of many people. Once you have the car, you may need to ship it to your home. You need to be careful doing this, because there are people that don’t know how to ship classic cars. 

Vehicles that are twenty-five to fifty years old are considered vintage or classic: This definition changes from city to city and even from collector to collector. Different clubs also have different definitions about what this means. Standards that are taken into consideration include model, condition, and rarity. 

Antique cars are those that are over fifty years old. Because of their age, they require different types of work and different types of carrier services. You need to take these requirements into consideration when you decide to buy an older auto. 


Shipping these autos requires a lot of care because you can’t just go out and buy another to replace them if they are damaged. Even buying parts for them is a huge challenge for you. They are often difficult to find and very expensive once they are found. Because of this you want to choose a reputable company to ship them.

You can also choose between closed and open transport. You probably don’t want to use open transport because that leaves your auto open to weather and road debris. Closed transport protects it from these dangers and more. It can even protect it from theft because it can’t be seen in a closed transport.

You want to reduce the risk of shipping your car by preparing it for shipping. One thing that you need to do is to make sure that you only have a quarter tank of gas in it. You want only enough to drive the vehicle up and down the ramp from the carrier. This also lessens the weight of the vehicle, so you aren’t being charged as much.

You also want to make sure that it is well maintained and ready to travel. See here to see what you should do to maintain your vehicle. You want to make sure that it won’t break down during shipment. You also want to check for leaks and have everything secured so that nothing falls off while in transport. 

When you ship, you need to make sure that you have the proper documentation to go along with it. You also want to take pictures of the auto to make sure that your it arrives to its destination in the same condition that it left in. This comes in handy if your vehicle is damaged through transport and insurance needs the pictures. 

You will need to secure all loose items before you ship. This can include detachable antennas or anything else that might come off easily during transport. You don’t want these items to become projectiles during the move. 

You also need to remove all personal items from the vehicle. You don’t want to add to the weight of the shipment. You also don’t want to lose any of your personal items during the move. 

Make sure that you lock the car once it is on the trailer. You don’t want the doors to be opened by someone that is trying to steal it during the move. You also don’t want the doors to open on their own and locking them will help prevent that. Give your keys to the driver so that he has them when unloading. 

By taking simple precautions, you can make sure that your vehicle is in the best care while it is being shipped. You need to choose the right company and then prepare your car for the trip. This will help you to ensure that your car will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left you. 

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