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Effect of Automobiles on our environment in Mayyamer

Man created technology for his own ease, and it has helped in many different ways. It saves a lot of time and power, so all of this can be utilized in more effective ways. But everything that has advantages also has disadvantages. Automobiles are the biggest example of this problem. Automobiles were invented for transportation for the mass population. But this has affected the environment in so many ways, and it is becoming dangerous for us. Following are some major problems.

1.             Emission:

The fuel we use to operate our vehicles gives us very harmful gases in return. There are many Gases like Nitrogen or carbon are emitted from cars. There are not only gases emitted, but also other substances emitted, like some harmful particles and organic substances. This causes smog, respiratory issues, and other health

2.             Ozone formation:

NOx and VOCs are major causes of ground-level ozone creation.  Both gases react with sunlight and create an ozone layer. Which again causes a lot of respiratory issues and other health problems.

3.             Greenhouse gases:

Carbon monoxide in any vehicle is a greenhouse gas that a major role in global warming. The amount of vehicles are being used emit more than enough carbon monoxide that can increase the temperature of Earth significantly.

4.             Fossil fuels:

The fuels that are used in vehicles are majorly fossil fuels. Getting this source always requires a lot of intense processes to get refined oil. There is a lot of pollution and damage to petrol caused by the use of automobiles and all other products used in it.

5.             Habitat Destruction:

The road construction and urban stretch-out are causing habitats to break into pieces. This decreases the wildlife significantly and leads to destruction and biodiversity.

6.             Water pollution

The water from runoff from the roads and vehicles has oil, pieces of heavy metal, and many pollutants that pollute the water once it falls into other water bodies, lowering the amount of clean water to drink, harming ocean life, and destroying the ecosystem as well.

7.             Noise pollution:

 Every day, a lot of vehicles are used for different purposes, and this leads to the creation of noise pollution, specifically in big cities with large populations. This gives rise to health issues and many permanent damage to the body, for example, hearing loss due to the noise pollution from vehicles.

8.             Materials:

The materials used for making vehicles require a huge amount of raw materials from metals to mixtures. All these raw materials are natural resources and also require energy-intensive extraction and manufacturing.

What to do?

We need to understand that what we are doing is not only good for us and for the environment as welll. We are harming wildlife and ourselves as well. Automobiles are causing global warming, noise pollution, and a decrease in natural resources. It’s important to take some major steps to stop the adverse effects of automobiles on our nature. The best way is to go for the option that causes less damage to the environment, like Japanese used cars for sale in Myanmar, such as electric or hybrid vehicles. You can get used cars to create less manufacturing pollution, especially the RV or the hybrid, from an authentic dealer like SAT Japan.

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