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What Can Cloud Data Management Do for a Small Business?


This is a question that many Australian business owners are asking, as they strive to increase their market share in a highly competitive industry and we aim to provide some answers in this short article.

What is cloud-based data management?

Cloud-based data management means storing your business data on secure remote servers, rather than storing it on your office PC hard drives and there are indeed many benefits to doing this. Take MYOB Advanced Enterprise as a great example of a cloud data storage system; this software assists small businesses in Australia and New Zealand by providing an end-to-end business management system that ticks all the boxes.

Accessible to authorised personnel only

Once your cloud network is up and running, you can add users by issuing a username and password for each person. Not only can you control who has access, you can also control what data each person can access. Bookkeeping & accountancy need access to the accounts, while sales and marketing need to access customer data; certain managers might require access to everything and the important thing is that you have complete control over who accesses your network.

Scalable solutions

Using a top-rated cloud-based business management system allows you to scale up (or down), so as your business grows, your secure cloud network grows alongside the company. Much like your company website, your cloud network is never ‘complete’, rather it is a work in progress, constantly being developed and updated. Click here for reasons why business insurance is vital.

Aspects of business covered

The following aspects are covered when you set up a secure cloud network.

  • Finance
  • Inventory management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales & purchasing management
  • Payroll
  • Workforce management

Sector-specific software can streamline your business processes by automating processes that eliminate double handling and human error. If you make the best use of available technology, you can make your business very efficient and if you would like to learn more about cloud data management, start with a Google search to locate a top-rated developer based in Australia. 

Update in real-time

Aside from the ability to access the cloud network, you can update files in real-time, which keeps all stakeholders on the same page, so to speak. A salesperson in Brisbane can update a customer file and that update is available to all authorised personnel.

Tailored to suit your business

Whether you run a construction business or a chain of restaurants, there is sector-specific software that is designed around your business. There are many templates that can be customised to fit with your processes and with Australia’s leading business software developer in your corner, you have round-the-clock support from experts.


This stands for ‘Mind Your Own Business’, which is exactly what every small business owner needs; using online tools, you can streamline your business processes using this scalable software. Australian and New Zealand businesses can take advantage of MYOB Advanced, which brings with it many benefits.

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