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A simple guide to deliver faster industry-specific solutions with Microsoft Industry Clouds for your small-medium UK businesses (SMBs)

Microsoft has developed a tool that assists and empowers customers to progress and thrive by building the industry-specific solutions that they need. These industry-specific solutions allow businesses to access the necessary resources that will assist them in becoming market-related at a faster pace.

This article identifies key features and opportunities that will assist businesses in expanding and growing their customer and market-related value. Knowing appropriate sources such as  IT Support London, can assist, support and improve a business’ turnover and production, through the use of better understanding Microsoft Industry Clouds.

Key features on what Industry Clouds are able to achieve within SMBs:

  • Businesses are able to unlock the AI opportunity and deliver industry-specific solutions built on trust and security with Microsoft’s expanded Industry Clouds. This enables accelerated innovations with AI and assists with a reduced time to market, allowing for a better business strategy for both the SMB and the customer.
  • Businesses can learn, develop, and launch industry-specific solutions with industry skilling, designation, and marketing assets. Allowing businesses to go to market at a quicker pace and scale.
  • Businesses are able to gain new opportunities though Microsoft’s Industry Clouds as they can reach more customers and Microsoft sellers in the commercial marketplace with customised solutions.

Further development features customers need:

Microsoft Industry Clouds further assist businesses to deliver industry-specific solutions that their customers are searching for. There are various industries that Microsoft offers opportunities to, such as, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retain and Sustainability. These industries are able to utilise Microsoft to innovate and grow their businesses to the next level.  

  • Reimagine the future of finance with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services
  • Enable better experiences, clearer insights and more personalised care
  • Build resiliency and sustainability
  • Empower governments with technology to help solve society’s larges challenges
  • Drive growth and build resilient operations with unified data and clearer insights
  • Empower organisations to accelerate progress toward sustainability and business growth

Within each of these industries, additional tools are able to assist business enhance their customer-market growth. Four features – Azure AI offerings, Microsoft Cloud for ISVs, Up-Skill and Industry sales kit (ISK), all assist the various industries in growing and allowing better opportunities for their business. Sources such as, Managed IT Services London assists businesses in finding the most relevant and optimised Industry Cloud solutions for their business.  

Azure AI offerings

Businesses are able to find comprehensive Azure-led AI offerings to accelerate customer engagements, increase contract rates, and reduce time to value – all within Partner Center.

The value of Azure partners, enable 3 benefits for businesses to thrive from:

  • Accelerate with comprehensive offerings
    • Increase contract rates with assessments, pilots, tooling, and expert guidance.
    • Reduce time to value with seamless and automated approvals
  • Maximise business earning opportunities
    • Easily access combined incentives and investments for every stage of the customer journey with self-serve access in Partner Center.
  • Activate across more scenarios
    • With end-to-end coverage of customer needs from migration to innovation, Azure offerings are built for all – from SMB to large enterprises, and ISVs (Independent Software Vendor).

Businesses can consider two offerings to choose from:

1 – Azure Migrate and Modernise

Migrate and modernise your business’ existing applications, data, and infrastructure to Azure:

  • Migrate and Secure Windows Server and SQL Server
  • Migrate SAP
  • Migrate enterprise apps
  • Migrate Linux estate

2 – Azure Innovate

Build new and modernise existing solutions on Azure to accelerate the next growth of your business:

  • Power business decisions with cloud scale analytics
  • Build and modernise AI apps
  • Accelerate developer productivity

Microsoft Cloud for ISVs

Accelerate growth with the Microsoft Cloud and gain access to valuable benefits with ISV Success, which assists businesses to build, publish, and grow.

Build intelligent apps using the power of AI – ISV Success is a tool that assists businesses to build differentiated AI-powered apps and solutions, receive valuable benefits and support, and get access to efficient developer tools.


Businesses are able to follow in-demand skills and stay up to date on the latest technological advancements within the industry-cloud realm and business.

Industry sale kit (ISK)

A well-established customer library can provide support conversations throughout the customer journey of ready-to-use slideware featuring customer stories, proof points, and market trends. Having a library on-hand, assist businesses in the simplest way to understand and learn more about the customer-related issues, enabling a key platform of accessibility and potential growth to learn.

Most businesses tend to forget about the advantage of connecting with the necessary support in order to assist them with customer turnover and growth. Microsoft Industry Cloud has adapted a tool in which aids this feature impeccably, by allowing additional features to assist businesses in a simpler and efficient manner. Sources such as Microsoft Consulting Services will be able to assists in the process of transitioning businesses into a more Industry Cloud-based platform to meet their current needs. 

Microsoft has developed an well-orchestrated tool that assists and empowers customers to transform and thrive by building the industry-specific solutions that they need. By identifying the key features and opportunities will assist businesses in expanding and growing their customer and market-related value, at a faster pace than most.

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