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Enhance Support Workflows and Resolve Cases Faster with Pre-integrated Helpdesk Ticketing Software 


How a customer responds to customer queries greatly impacts how loyal the customers would turn out to be. Usually, when agents function in a complex siloed environment, their ability to offer efficient services is hindered considerably. Constantly switching between tabs is a recipe for overwhelming agents with manual tasks and rendering them inefficient in either efficiently addressing customer queries or catering to their needs in time. 

A Case Management System Software or Helpdesk Ticketing Tool can be the answer to most of the problems contact centers face today – from agent inefficiencies to disoriented customer service and more. What is case management and how is it a panacea to your contact center problems? Let’s find out. 

What is a Helpdesk Ticketing Software? 

It is a tool designed to manage the complex support workflows in contact centers, for example, employee onboarding, complaint resolutions, etc. – processes that require both human effort and intelligent automation. It supports issue collaboration, contact management, and attachments that affect the end-to-end lifecycle of a case. 

NV DESK – a Helpdesk Ticketing Software from NovelVox is one such solution. Let’s explore its many features and related benefits. 

Features of NV Desk Solution

Unlike traditional case management models that rely heavily on CTI Integrations, the NV DESK solution streamlines operations without the need for extensive integrations. 

  1. Pre-integrated with Your Contact Center 

A unique feature of NV Desk is that you don’t have to worry about integration complexities. NV Desk seamlessly integrates with the agent’s workspace – making it easier for agents to access telephony controls. For example, agents can click-to-call directly from the cases eliminating the manual hustle of switching tabs or manually dialing numbers. 

Further, the unified pre-integrated helpdesk software equips agents with all the information they need about their customers right on their screens. They don’t need to hop between tabs, fetching data from multiple applications to know who they are talking to and understand their needs. This inevitably saves time for both agents and customers and allows context-based communication to take place. 

  1. Omnichannel Efficiency 

The Customer Support Ticketing System from NovelVox is not just limited to voice channels but also includes other digital communication mediums such as chat, email, social media, and more. This means that customers can reach out from any of the preferred communication channels and they will be able to get the same efficient service without loss of context while switching between channels. 

NV Desk also extends its ease of use to IVR and voice bot case creation methods as well. This means that while communicating through IVR or Voicebots, relevant case details would be automatically captured which will reduce the manual entry and potential errors associated with it. 

  1. Seamless Workflow Management 

The one important benefit of the NV DESK helpdesk software system is that it makes customer interactions more organized. Agents can easily create new cases by simply inputting customer details like name, subject, source, case severity, etc. The multi-tab functionality streamlines the contact center processes by allowing simultaneous access to multiple cases without switching tabs. 

Hence, when an agent is handling a case, he has access to the comprehensive customer data from the complete case history, comments, attachments, to documents, and more. Also when an existing case is retrieved, the information will be automatically screen-popped on the agent’s screen, thus paving the way for personalized assistance. 

  1. Comprehensive Case Analytics

Any industry working without relevant analytics and insights is like going in a direction without knowing where exactly it’s headed. The NV Desk Customer Service Ticketing software saves your contact center agents from committing this blunder. The agent/ supervisor desktop displays real-time and interactive perspectives on cases. This panoramic view allows contact center agents to understand case-handling patterns, emerging trends, and common customer issues, thus making customer service delivery smoother. Further, agents can easily evaluate their workload and prioritize cases by gaining key insights into their assigned cases. 

Wrap Up 

Contact centers wanting to excel on the customer service front can make use of the advanced IT Ticketing Software System like the one from NovelVox. Be it maintaining flawless workflows or handling customer issues – the smart tool can make agents perform their tasks better. Allow your contact center agents to handle cases more efficiently and promptly without the need for complex integrations with NV Desk. 

Allow your contact center to take the jump of efficiency and productivity with NovelVox!! 

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