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How Lifestyle Impact your Health Insurance Coverage | Chola MS


If you ask anyone today what is the most vital aspect to lead a happy and prosperous life – the obvious answer would be good health. Unfortunately, as the demands of financial advancement and responsibilities increase in an individual’s life, taking care of one’s own health takes a backseat. Due to this, it has been observed that many people begin to invest in their health only once they have reached the stage of retirement, or if they are faced with a concerning health issue all of a sudden in mid life. This scenario is slowly beginning to change as the younger generations have begun realizing that their mental and physical health need to be given prime importance in order to lead a happy and peaceful life. Due to this growing awareness, more people have started investing in health insurance, a crucial aspect to protect from financial burden due to unexpected health setbacks in the future.

Health insurance is a game changer when it comes to protecting you from such unexpected expenses stemming from health reasons. Health expenses can cause a huge burn in one’s pocket. Because many families have not saved up for such expenses, they suffer immensely. If you are someone who wishes to invest in a credible health insurance early on in your life, read this blog further to understand more about the perks of health insurance and more specifically how your lifestyle can affect your health insurance coverage. 

The Link Between Lifestyle and Health:

Our health is largely a by-product of our lifestyle. Leading a healthy lifestyle leads to physical wellbeing and on the opposite, an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle results in poor health.Therefore, there is a considerable amount of connection between one’s lifestyle and health insurance coverage. Activities such as regular exercise, balanced diet are factors that contribute to a healthy life. But failing to do so can result in chronic illnesses. For an insurance provider, these factors play a major role in assessing the health portfolio of the customer, and serve as means through which they can design their policy and price the risk associated premiums. 

Impact on Premiums:

Health insurance companies look at a lot of factors before giving an insurance policy. Particularly for health insurance, the premium on the policy depends on the lifestyle of the individual. People that lead a healthy lifestyle may not enjoy a lower premium. This is due to the fact that an unhealthy lifestyle can make someone susceptible to diseases and an overall poor health, as a result of which they will automatically pay a higher premium, and this changes the health insurance coverage for them. 

Pre-existing Conditions and Coverage:

These days, digital has changed how we do most things including related to financial habits. Increasingly, more people prefer to buy health insurance online. In such a scenario, given that the policy applicant is not meeting a rep or agent in person, the importance of declaring pre-existing health conditions such as heart ache, obesity, and other major diseases that puts them at risk is even more important. Hence, when applying for health insurance online, they will have to disclose these details. A failure to do so may result in policies that are denied or canceled or in future affect their claims. 

The Importance of Regular Check-ups:

Integrating a proactive approach to health can be largely beneficial. Going for regular check-ups, and being observant about our own health and what it conveys, can help take measures that are conducive to our health, and reduce the risk of acquiring any major health issue. By doing this, we can also pave the way for a more robust health insurance coverage.

Buying Health Insurance Online:

One of the major benefits of living in today’s times is the power of technology. It is possible to easily buy health insurance online, after doing a thorough research on various insurance policies available, and then choosing a model that best suits our needs. Online platforms provide the opportunity to make an informed decision about health insurance coverage, and the difference in coverage when it comes to a healthy lifestyle versus an unhealthy one. 

Discounts and Incentives for Healthy Living:

Some health insurance providers offer discounts or incentives for policyholders who actively engage in healthy behaviors. These can include gym memberships, wellness programs, or discounts on health-related services. By taking advantage of these offerings, individuals can not only improve their health but also enjoy cost savings on their health insurance coverage.


In the complex landscape of health insurance coverage, your lifestyle choices act as a crucial determinant. At Chola MS health insurance, we gently remind you that making conscious decisions to lead a healthier life not only reduces the risk of chronic diseases but also positively influences your insurance premiums and coverage. When considering health insurance options, take the time to assess your lifestyle, disclose any pre-existing conditions truthfully, and explore the benefits of online platforms to make an informed decision that aligns with your long-term health and financial goals. We at Chola MS health insurance hope that this article reiterates how a healthier lifestyle not only enriches your life but also safeguards your future through comprehensive health insurance coverage.

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