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Bhoomi Karnataka: A Digital Window into Karnataka’s Landholdings


The Bhoomi Karnataka project has made a big step forward in how Karnataka manages its land records in terms of digitization and technological progress. The goal of this complete system is to make it easy for people to get important land-related information, which will promote openness and efficiency. This article goes into detail about numerous aspects of RTC Bhoomi Karnataka, from how it came to be to how to find land records online easily.

Overview of Bhoomi Karnataka 

Bhoomi Karnataka is a groundbreaking project set up by the government of Karnataka to digitize and make it easier to handle state land records. Creating an open and easy-to-use tool that makes it simple for property owners, farmers, and everyone else to find land-related information is the main goal. 

What is Bhoomi RTC?

The Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops (RTC), also known as RTC Bhoomi Karnataka, is an important part of Bhoomi Karnataka. The RTC is an important record that has information about who owns the land, who rents it, and how it is farmed. The RTC Bhoomi online portal lets people view and download their RTC online, so they don’t have to go to government places in person and fill out as much paperwork.

What is the RTC Bhoomi Online Portal Used For?

Property owners and farmers can get a lot out of the Bhoomi RTC site. For starters, it makes land data easy to find, so paper documents aren’t needed as much. Second, it makes things more open by letting people check property information on their own. The online tool also makes it harder for fraud to happen and makes sure that land records are correct.

How to Sign Up for RTC Bhoomi Online?

People who want to use RTC Bhoomi Karnataka must first sign up on the official website. 

  1. Please go to  
  2. Click on “Create Account,” and you’ll be taken to the “Sign up” page. 
  3. Type in the necessary information and the captcha code.
  4. To sign up for the Bhoomi Karnataka site, click the “Submit” button. 

How to View RTC Information on the Bhoomi Portal?

  1. Go to  to see the official Bhoomi Karnataka website. Visit  to apply.
  2. Press the “Services” button.
  3. There is a page to fill out that you can get to by clicking on “View RTC and MR.”
  4. You can choose the district, hobli, town, village, etc., and then type in the RTC’s survey number.
  5. Please choose the correct time, sure, and his number.
  6. Select “Fetch details” from the menu.

Your Bhoomi view RTC information is now ready for you to use. Bhoomi RTC map with survey number is accessible through Bhoomi Online. 

Mutation of Property: Meaning

Mutations occur when property owners or titles change. When someone buys, inherits, or sells land, land records must be updated with the new owner’s information. Online land ownership changes are straightforward with Bhoomi Karnataka, so land records are always accurate and reflect who owns it currently.

How Do I Check the Status of Mutations on the Bhoomi Portal?

By giving people an online platform, Bhoomi Karnataka makes it easier to check the mutation state of a property. 

  1. Go to to see the Bhoomi Pahani Karnataka site. And click on “For Citizen Services” to get to the “View RTC and MR” page.
  2. You’ll be taken to a new page where you can pick the MR from the menu at the top.
  3. Type in the necessary information, like the taluk, town, survey number, hobli, etc., and click “Fetch details.” 

If you don’t already know, Dishank is the official Bhoomi Karnataka land records app for your phone. With an easy-to-use design and simple navigation, this app has made it very simple to get to your land records. 

Getting Pahani (RTC) on Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records RTC Online

Users can download and print their RTC from home, which saves them the time and effort that they would normally have to put in to get this important document. 

  1. Go to and log in to the Bhoomi site. And make a login account to use the “Pahani Online (ONLINE RTC) ANYWHERE-ANYTIME” feature.
  2. After entering the necessary information, you will be taken to the i-wallet services page. Click on the i-RTC button here.
  3. When you get to the new page, type in the information, like the district, hobli, taluk, etc., and click the “Go” button. To “Fetch Details,” now put the surnoc and hissa number along with the RTC issue date. After that, you’ll be able to see Bhoomi RTC land owner details. Now click on “Pay and Print i-RTC.” The money will be taken out of your i-wallet for this. You can also print out the original i-RTC copy. 

Bhoomi Land Conversion Application from Karnataka Online Land Records

Bhoomi Karnataka simplifies land conversion applications online, reducing bureaucracy. 

Click ‘Citizen services’ on the Bhoomi Karnataka portal (

Bhoomi Portal services are listed on the redirected page. Choose ‘Apply for conversion’. 

Select one of three land conversion types:

  1. Land outside your master plan area requires a notarized affidavit through the ‘Affidavit based conversion’ option.
  2. Click on ‘Master plan-based considered land conversion’ for land in your local authority’s master plan.
  3. Agricultural land under Section 109 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act—click the last option. 

Bhoomi Karnataka shows the Karnataka government’s dedication to using technology for its residents. The state has improved efficiency and empowered citizens to manage their land concerns by digitizing land records. If you are searching for a trusted real estate legal expert to discuss your property requirements, do visit today!

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