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SS Cendana Review


Recently when I shifted to Gurgaon I wanted to buy myself a home and now that I’m in a position to buy a home I started looking for properties. When searching online for hours I came across SS Cendana, a beautiful property in sector 83. Gurgaon is a nice place to live and I was about to get my whole family here. I wanted a 3BHK at this place.  The SS Cendana is a beautiful place in Gurgaon which I was planning to invest in. 

When planning for a home I need to understand its business elements first so it becomes a right Investment for me. This place in SS Cendana was pretty expensive as it had multiple amenities, a premium building and overall a grander space. Every element of this place was beautifully designed looking at the architecture. It had a premium touch which gives a sense of luxury.  

A good apartment consists of four main elements which are Space, surroundings, amenities and Price. As the price was pretty high it eventually meant the place was good but I had to make sure the amenities and the space around was good.  

SS Cendana is an upscale residential project in Gurgaon led by SS Group. The project is spread across 12.60 acres of prime real estate and there are a total of 384 beautifully designed units, all of 3 BHK. For comfort and luxury, this place offers proper amenities and a view that serves your morning. The quality of construction and the overall project convinced me to invest here for comfortable homes. For comfort and urban living, this place has everything one could ask for. The gates for this property will be opened in March 2029. 

With the ever-changing world of real estate, it’s tough to choose the right home and this place right here is a blend of modern living with a touch of beautiful space. Everything is perfectly aligned at this place where Luxury Meets Nature and this has to be the testament of a beautiful place in Gurgaon  Sector 83. A good space was offered to everyone and exquisiteness, stylishness, and nature made the place more appealing. With the modern amenities here every family can live a convenient life and have fun. 

The main elements of this place are its comfort, convenience, and security, making it an ultimate choice for people. 

These homes are accurately designed, offer value and are tailored to the people’s requirements. When I saw the place I was pretty sure that investing here would be the right choice as it’s a place where luxury truly meets nature.

Luxuries At SS Cendana

The builders were offering 3 to 3.5 BHK options with this place for a minimum price of ₹1.33 Cr. The place has it all from Bike and Car Parking to proper safety the place has everything sorted out for the residents. 

The place is led by SS Group who are renowned builders in the industry. There are 3 Buildings in total having 384 units. The place is spread across 12.60 acres and the gates for this project will be opened by March 2029. 

One of the main reasons I chose this place was because of its proximity to the HUDA city center Metro Station. As the metro station is pretty close I can travel easily. There’s a 40000 sq ft clubhouse at this place offering good space for activities and indoor games. I need entertainment with me and keeping that in mind we have an Inox Cinema near the place. 

Talking about the amenities this place has  

a CCTV camera for people’s safety and there will be an Air conditioner for convenient living. There’s a Tennis and Badminton court where I can play these games with my friends whenever I want. To avoid any dangerous situation, we have Fire safety at this place. For big events, there’s an Amphitheater where all people can come together and enjoy. 

There’s also a big Swimming pool where I can go for a swim in the summer. Power backup for emergency and Visitor parking for people to park their car is also offered. There’s a Lift accessible to all the rooms. The most important amenity that I needed and got here was a Gym where I could workout effectively. 

Searching for properties online can be a tough task but no broker’s verified property listings helped me come across this beautiful project. If you want properties like these check out

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