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How Businesses Are Finding Temporary Workers

The gig economy culture is on the rise, and it promises various benefits for your business, from flexibility and scalability, to lower risk levels and increased cost savings. As this practice increases its velocity, business owners have to know how to find and manage top temporary talent.

Here are some of the best tips that businesses are using to find temporary workers:

1. Leveraging Temp Hiring Tools

After deciding you need temporary employees, the next big thing will be to look for the right candidates. While job boards and traditional methods of advertising will still help you reach your target candidates, they can be a lot of work and may take longer to yield the desired results.

A better way to do it would be to use a tool that is designed exclusively to help you hire temp employees fast and with ease. As an outstanding tool that makes it easy to hire shift workers fast with greater rates of success, shiftNOW is one of the best picks for your company. Using a temp hiring platform gives you the guarantee you will find the exact candidates you are looking for, without risking quality.

2. Giving a Clear Job Description

Whether you will be using a hiring platform or are simply publishing the vacancies on social media, making sure the candidates understand exactly what you are looking for is a top priority. This means outlining the skills candidates should have, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the role.

In addition, make sure to explain what’s on offer if someone accepts the role. Such information should include the working hours, holiday & sick pay, and other important details such as the start and end date. Such information makes it easier for the candidates to accept the job knowing clearly what they have signed up for.

3. Offering Competitive Compensation

One thing that will get many temporary employees knocking at your door after putting out a vacant role is offering good compensation for the time and services offered. Remember that temporary employees have a variety of job offers to pick from, and they’d be much more willing to choose the one that offers the best pay package or has additional perks such as bonuses, gym memberships, flexible working conditions, and others.

Try as much as possible to find out what your competitors are offering and see how you can go the extra mile to make your business stand out.

4. Highlighting Opportunities for Self-Development

This works even for permanent employees, but it has a larger impact on temporary employees. Showing that you are ready to invest in your temporary staff is going to have them interested in the job offer and ready to give their best towards growing your company. Temporary employees focus a lot on growing their skills, and they greatly appreciate businesses that help them grow in their careers.

So if you can pay for training courses to help your temporary staff members acquire new skills, do it without feeling insecure that they might use their new skills to hunt for more rewarding jobs. The goal is to make them feel appreciated so that they give their all at work. Also, highlight any openings or offerings that help your temp staff to progress in their career within your company.

5. Having a Recommendation Program

One of your best sources of capable temporary employees is the current workers you have. Creating a recommendation program that rewards successful recommendations can motivate your employees to be active ambassadors, marketing your company wherever they go.

So if they know candidates who may be a perfect fit for a role, they will be ready to give their recommendations.

There You Have It!

Five amazing tips that businesses are using to find the best temporary workers in a competitive industry. Use these tips and see the difference they bring to your hiring efforts.

If you’re not sure how to build an effective hiring plan, reach out to the team at shiftNOW and get some recommendations, as you also learn how the platform will increase your chances of finding the right candidates for the job.

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