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Let’s Enjoy Every Summer Moments with Summer T-shirts


This Summer, it’s time to stay cool and relaxed with unique Summer T-shirts. Everyone gets irritated just by looking at the summery sun. Even in the starting of March, everyone seems to worry about how to spend Summer. But this time, instead of getting irritated or frustrated like every person around you, be that person who enjoys every summer moment and stands different from others. How is it possible? For this, all credit goes to Summer T-shirts.

Planning A trip in Summer with friends?

Being a wanderlust, you have a strong desire to make this Summer memorable with your friends. Goa is the perfect destination for you!

It’s a Goa Trip and your mind plays a puzzle with you about packing. Be connected with us.

Pre-Shopping Tips 

  1.  Fabric Matters

Choose those fabrics which are light weight to pack and comfortable to wear. As it is a sunny beach, cotton t-shirts with half sleeve or sleeveless are preferred. 

  1.  Colors Matters

Even colors too speak about you. As it is a sunny atmosphere on the beach, white or light color shades are preferred. 

  1. Breathability Matters

It means you should buy those tees for summer which makes you comfortable and allows you to breathe and not feel suffocated. 

  1. Quality Matters

Check out the longevity and durability of the t-shirt. 

Packing Tips for Wonderful Goa Trip

As a man, there are many options available for beach outfits. Just pack anything and make your luggage heavy, get some idea about which kinds of beach outfits for men are given preference. Listing are as under: 

  • Vests with bermuda shorts
  • Open shirt and shorts
  • Printed shorts
  • Swim Wear or Swim shorts


As it comes to packing the clothes for any trip, everyone is in dilemma about what kind of clothes they should pack. As its beach destination, pack your clothes accordingly. For a wonderful experience, pack chinos, shorts, half sleeve and sleeveless t-shirts stitched of cotton fabric. Cotton shirt with half or rolled sleeves is also a good one to pack in your bag.


You have another level of craze for goggles. Don’t forget your stylish and colored sunglasses. Take those colored sunglasses which do not overlap your vision with beach scenes. To get an oceanic feeling, blue shade goggles are preferable. Stylish and designer hats should be your companion for your Goa trip.


Pack footwear accords to your destination. It is a beach so water shoes, slippers or sandals should be packed in your bag.

Skin Care-

Don’t allow your skin to tan on the beach. Keep sunscreen lotion in your bag. 

How to give the best looks on the beach?

Now, you are at your dream destination with your friends. Don’t get puzzled about the best beach looks. You have a number of ways to create a cool impression among your friends.

Look with Half Sleeves and Shorts

Wear white half sleeve t-shirt with a V neckline and paired with black shorts. Having oval shaped goggles and light colored shoes makes your look complete for perfect photography on the beach.  

Look With Polo T-shirt and Chinos

Wear polo t-shirt and chinos at the time of morning photoshoot. Keep your goggles on head and hold a beach umbrella in your hand for perfect click. 

Look With Swim Shorts

On the beach,swim shorts with floral prints and geometric patterns are preferable. When you go on surface water or you are a swimmer then swim shorts suit best. Floral swim shorts, hats and goggles give you perfect clicks for sunset photography. 

Look With Board Shorts and White Summer T-shirt

When you are going for aquatic activities then this combination gives you a perfect look. Paired with flip-flops or sporty sandals. 

What About Club Time? 

How can you forget to spend club time when you are in your dream place? It’s important when you are in Goa. 

How to look at Club time? 

To have a wonderful club time at night it is important that your dressing sense and looks seem to be elegant. Just think your friends are in night suits during club time and you adopted a proper dressing sense for club time also. Can’t it create a positive vibe in your friends group? 

Plain summer t-shirt, Blue Denim Jeans and White Sneakers- 

To elevate your club look, pick a simple summer t-shirt, denim jeans and paired with sneakers. Perfect one to enjoy club time!

Henley Shirt, Jeans and Loafers- 

To add colors to your club night, paired a bottle green henley shirt, black denim and loafers. It makes you stylish and modern and you are the center of attraction for tourists. 

Striped T-shirt, Trousers and shoes- 

This combination allows you to dance on the dance floor. Now you are ready to make wonderful memories at the club.  

Why tees for Summer? 

  • Allows to breathe-

Summer tees dont makes suffocate at any events. When you wear it for casual events and in a little bit congested place this tees allows you to breathe. 

  • Allows your comfort level-

When tees allow breathability, it brings comfort too. 

  • Allows to stay cool-

When you wear light colors on any events or on normal days, a sunny atmosphere outside but summer tees allow you to look so cool. 

  • Allows to be stylish- 

When breathability, comfort and coolness blend together it makes yourself stylish with modern colors, designs and patterns. 

  • Allows to be clean- 

It’s made of cotton fabric so it has a sweat absorbent property and allows it to be clean.  


Go through this post and enjoy your amazing quality summer time with your friends and family. This post will be helpful if you are planning to go with your family. You find this post helpful for summer shopping and give tips to others too. 

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