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The Science of Globalization: Translating Explainer Videos for Maximum Impact


Have you tried to acquire knowledge about something from YouTube or other platforms? Most of us incline towards explainer videos to find out about something new. We know that the explainer knows that they can transfer to us, and we will find a solution to our problems. Wait, what if the video you are looking for has all the information you need, but you don’t understand a word because the explainer has a different language? What would you do? You will leave the video and switch to some other source.

Now, if you are a vlogger making informative videos for global audiences, you need to keep in mind that your audience should understand you. If they don’t, you will get a negative response, and there is a possibility YouTube might down-list your channel. However, if you want to have the maximum impact on a diverse audience, you need to learn a few tricks.

Understanding Your Target Audience

The first thing you need to focus on is knowing who your target audience is. You can specify them into different categories, such as age, region, language, etc. But the most important thing is to make sure that your content resonates with the target audience. People around the world have diverse preferences and requirements. You cannot apply the same strategy to other regions that you used for your region. Get to know the people, their preferences, both linguistic and cultural.

Other than that, some people like thorough reviews and information about things, whereas others like a quick yet informative review. Thus, you need to create the right content for the right audience. Moreover, the language you use for explanation also matters a lot. In some regions, humor, puns, and idiomatic expressions and references draw the attention of more customers. On the other hand, it may be considered offensive in another region. Therefore, it is crucial to watch your words before you speak.

Adapting the Script

One of the most important things to consider when creating videos for a global audience is adaptability. A video translation services company can help you with it. They are expert translators who are well aware of the linguistic and cultural preferences of the target audience. They can help you adapt your videos according to the audience so that you can efficiently deliver your message without losing its intended meaning.

Moreover, make sure to keep the language simple. Keep in mind that your content should be suitable for people of all ages. It will help you target every potential audience while prioritizing clear and concise explanations.

Localizing Visuals for Global Appeal

Explainer videos are not limited to verbal content only. They also contain visual content. Localizing the visuals is also crucial to making an impact on a global audience. Visuals are usually animated or crafted content that refers back to your verbal communication and increases the authenticity of your videos.

Therefore, make sure to adapt the images or icons to avoid misunderstandings. However, it is difficult to handle the pressure of localizing visuals, preparing scripts, and creating videos. You can get assistance from a translation services provider. They can localize your visual content while ensuring accuracy and precision.

Refining Your Message

This is probably the last step, yet the most important one. Once you are done with adapting your script and visuals, the job isn’t finished. It is crucial to ensure that your explainer video provides the right details and effectively communicates your message to the target audience. You can get feedback from your audience and then refine your message accordingly.

Following these steps, you can transform your explainer video into a powerful tool for reaching to a wider audience. Remember, a successful explainer video translation should be accurate and precise. And it can only be possible after understanding your audience, adapting your message, and ensuring clear communication through verbal and visual content.

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