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Guide To Rocking The Look Of Wearing A Kurta Pyjama


Certain situations call for a particular clothing choice. At events like festivals and funerals, it is customary to remove one’s trainers and shirt and refrain from wearing trousers. Please input your mojadis and kurta pyjamas in this space. Also, just like any other event, ethnic clothing has its guidelines. The following are concise advice that will assist you in putting together an ethnic ensemble that will enable you to confidently and easily navigate any formal occasion. Let’s get started. Know more about  designer kurta pant set.

  1. Colours

Without a shadow of a doubt, Colours are something that we Indians adore. Purple, green, and black are only a few of the colours. There is an opportunity for catastrophe when there is so much variation. Therefore, keep to the fundamentals: It is a good idea to begin with a black kurta suitable for males. An outfit consisting of a kurta pyjama with a bit of contrast is always a hit. Find out more about kurta pant set for women.


Chanderis, brocades, cotton, linen, and silks are the most common fabrics used in ethnic wear. The adaptability of these fabrics is what gives ethnic wear its allure. On the other hand, this adaptability might be overwhelming: there are so many alternatives to choose from that an outfit might not be a simple chore. Because of this, ethnic clothing is appealing and somewhat burdensome. Nevertheless, a route is out of this disarray: Be aware of the situation. 


Are you trying to find a method to finish off your outfit? It would be best if you got a Nehru jacket. Ringo Starr, a member of the Beatles band, wore a Nehru jacket during a rehearsal in 1967. This demonstrates how flexible the Nehru jacket is as an article of apparel. The coat can be crafted from light cotton or luxurious brocade, depending on the event it is being worn to. It is possible to think of the Jodhpuri Kurta Pyjama as a close relative of the Nehru jacket style.


If you want to make or break your look, the little things matter. Accessories such as shoes, watches, and cufflinks may take your ensemble to the next level. Regarding watches, it is recommended to pair brown leather straps with clothing that is generally on the darker side. Cufflinks need to be on the smaller side and not overly flashy. The colours gold, cream, and squares with embellishments are all beautiful choices.


Wearing a shawl over your kurta pyjama will make you look like a contemporary maharajah. Wearing a shawl might make you seem more elegant and put together. When attending semi-formal events, a simple cotton shawl is an excellent choice. Embroidered or silk garments are the appropriate choice for ultra-formal events. 


If you want to appear more mature and put together on certain occasions, the long-sleeved kurta is the finest option for you to wear. A kurta pyjama is a form-fitting garment that frames your figure. The long sleeves of a kurta also conceal any asymmetry and provide the illusion of a more oversized frame.

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