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Sun Win – the bookmaker with the most attractive promotions currently


One of the leading bookmakers with the greatest number of incentives currently is Sunwin. So if you join this green game portal, what gifts will players receive and are promotions deployed regularly? Please read the article information immediately to catch the hottest deals at Asia’s leading game portal.

Take a look at some hot deals at Sun win

It can be frankly affirmed that Sun win is one of the few bookmakers that has many incentives for continuously giving players bets. If you do not know the incentives at this game portal, please take a look at some of the following promotions. The programs that Sunwin implements are extremely attractive!

Give gift code to new bettors

Sunwin gives members good gift code to bet

If you are a new bettor, you will have extremely attractive incentives. Any new member who visits Sunwin website to play games will immediately receive a gift code with impressive value. Specifically, when participating in this online game portal, new players who have just opened an account will be given a gift code worth 100k. With this gift code, you can start betting on the house.

Note: each player will only receive this gift code once, so if there is fraud when you intentionally create multiple accounts, the house will lock the account and cut off the reward immediately.

First deposit bonus up to 150%

New players, in addition to giftcodes, also have the opportunity to receive super hot promotions up to 150%. That means when you deposit money for the first time into the game portal, you will receive a discount of up to 150%. This is a very high bonus, because many bookmakers currently only reward members 100% and also limit the amount of money received. However, Sun win members can receive a discount of up to 5 million VND when joining and depositing money for the first time. That’s great guys, come to the bookmaker right away to receive the welcome offer!

Note: New bettors need to pay attention that there are some invalid games that will not be counted for rewards. You should pay attention to the conditions when receiving the promotion and must complete the required betting round.

Welcome bonus for each betting content

Most game portals will have welcome offers, but Sun win also has additional bonuses in each individual category. For example, if you play sports, there is a sports welcome offer, if you bet at casino, there is a casino welcome offer for new players. Each game hall and each betting content has its own requirements when depositing money, and also has different implementation times. Players should note this to read the information carefully to avoid misunderstanding the game portal’s regulations.

Attractive 2nd deposit bonus up to 40%

Bonus up to 405 when you have the second deposit. 

New members, in addition to being given a gift when depositing for the first time, also have the opportunity to receive an additional bonus if they deposit a second time. The second deposit bonus is up to 40%, so you will have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive bonuses. The more you deposit, the reward will increase, and the amount can be up to tens of millions of dong. Note that this promotional package is a promotion for newbies, so if you have not registered an account, you should go to Sun Win immediately to open an account and receive extremely hot incentives.

Note: The time between the second deposit and the first deposit cannot be too long. Sunwin currently stipulates that you need to deposit within the first 30 days of registration.

Sunwin’s refund offer for bettors is extremely attractive

Professional bettors will bet consecutively many days a week, many times a day. And to thank players, Sunwin also has extremely attractive refund incentives. The refund program will also be implemented in many forms such as:

  • Refund by day
  • Refundable weekly

Note: The refund rate will be more or less dependent on the frequency of your activities on the Sun win bookmaker.

The house’s incentives are extremely good when players participate in tournaments

For bettors to be excited and feel excited when betting, Sun win website provides attractive tournaments for sports, casino, lottery, fish shooting,… When participating in weekly tournaments according to monthly, gifts will be given to players whose names are on the rankings. How to calculate points and rewards will also depend on the program. But the prizes for this type of offer are extremely attractive, sometimes with huge exponential bonus offers.

What are the things to remember when participating in Sunwin’s promotions?

In order to have fun betting and receive hot promotions, when entering the betting game portal, you should pay attention to carefully reading these contents to apply them correctly:

  • Pay attention to carefully read the regulations on subjects, reward time, and participation conditions.
  • Bettors should note that the bonus only applies to valid bets. Tie bets and non-qualifying bets will not be counted towards the bookmaker’s offer.
  • Sunwin can adjust promotional content, and does not have to notify players.
  • The game portal has a list of invalid games, please remember to check.
  • Note that all offers almost always come with a required betting round condition, with a limit on the number of days to complete. If they are met, the bettor can withdraw money to their account.


Hope you bettors will diligently participate in betting at Sunwin and receive many hot incentives. To not miss out on great promotions, you should visit the website every day, and sign up for notifications from the game portal to participate as soon as there are new promotions.

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