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Mobile-First Mastery: BrandLoom’s Development Team Creates eCommerce Websites that Thrive on All Devices!


Mobile mastery is now a must-have for direct-to-consumer firms seeking online success. When a bootstrapped whey protein firm failed to attract its audience, it saw firsthand the dangers of neglecting to prioritize mobile consumers. It experienced the consequences of needing a smartphone and tablet-optimized website: stagnating organic traffic, dropping conversion rates, and restricted online income growth. However, BrandLoom, a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore, came to their rescue.

Their business growth miraculously took a 360-degree turn!

Organic traffic climbed 10X in 6 months, conversion rate jumped by 30X, and online purchases from mobile traffic surged 30X. This whey protein brand’s website now engages and converts customers across all platforms.

Want to know how they achieve these results?

Uncovering the challenge: Insights from a leading digital marketing company in Bangalore

When consumers struggled to use their phones to access the failed whey protein firm’s website, it became evident that poor mobile performance could have hampered their ability to communicate with and convert potential buyers. They hired BrandLoom, the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, to investigate the problems. Here is what they found:

  • Broken hyperlinks
  • Thin content
  • Long loading times
  • A mobile-unfriendly website

Shoppers increasingly utilize smartphones and tablets in today’s mobile-centric society. The whey protein brand missed significant growth potential and halted its online sales by ignoring mobile optimization.

BrandLoom, the top digital marketing agency in Bangalore, completely redesigned its website to improve the mobile experience. Among the primary focuses were:

  • Increased speed
  • Improved navigation
  • A website layout that is mobile-friendly


  • More efficient device pathways were implemented to improve user journeys.

Apart from that, intelligent page linkages increased conversions by using methods such as:

  • Design refinement
  • Better SEO
  • Creating connections with clients

BrandLoom audits reveal why direct-to-consumer business had to suffer on mobile. Their digital marketing services In Bangalore can assist any organization in making the most of smartphones and tablets. Prioritizing the mobile experience is critical for game-changing expansion.

30X increase in online orders in just 6 months!

The results of this campaign were remarkable!

This direct-to-consumer business grew considerably after implementing the best digital marketing company in Bangalore’s mobile-first website redesign and digital marketing strategy. They achieved the following outstanding accomplishments in only 6 months:

  • 30x increase in online orders through organic traffic
  • Experienced 10X organic traffic within 6 months
  • Achieved 12% eCommerce conversion rate
  • optimized website for all platforms


As consumer browsing and purchasing shifts to mobile devices, direct-to-consumer firms must emphasize mobile competence or risk losing significant income. A website unsuited for smartphones and tablets stifled our struggling client’s growth and impeded their e-commerce aspirations. Their customer acquisition, traffic, and revenue KPIs increased after realigning around mobile-first.

BrandLoom offers mobile optimization assessments and the skills to enhance customer mobile experiences. We helped this brand capitalize on mobile device dominance, resulting in exponential revenue growth.

No digital strategy will flourish in today’s increasingly mobile market unless mobile competence is at its heart. We can examine your brand’s shortcomings and give personalized solutions for profitability via smartphones and tablets.

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