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Why Are Jeans For Women Unbeatable In The Fashion Industry?


The landscape of fashion keeps changing with time but some classics have lasted all these changes in the industry. Jeans for women is one such classic that has been unbeatable for decades and it is due to all the right reasons. Women of all age groups, all socio-economic backgrounds, and from all walks of life own at least one pair of jeans because of the comfort and versatility they have to offer. From celebrities to stay-at-home moms, from teen girls to women in their seventies you can see everyone in a pair of jeans these days. The origin of jeans was for men and it was adopted by women much later, but ever since women have not looked back. Today we will discuss the origin of jeans, outfit ideas with jeans, and some tips to maintain your favorite pair of jeans. 

Origin of Jeans 

During the 1870s Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis collaborated and introduced the world to jeans. They introduced jeans for the laborers in West America as it was a practical pair of trousers with a rugged fabric. With time jeans found their way from practical trousers for laborers to the closets of rebels and cowboys. This was their transformation from being workwear to a symbol of counterculture. That was just the beginning of the evolution of jeans, and with time it became a global fashion phenomenon. 

Jeans for women started to gain popularity during the mid-20th century. Women started to wear jeans to express their detachment from traditional norms and to express their independent mindset. This revolution was started by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn & Marylin Monroe. Once they were seen in public wearing a pair of jeans, the women of America soon followed. These celebrities proved to the world that women can embrace practicality without compromising on elegance. 

Outfit Ideas With Jeans

Jeans for women are incredibly versatile and can be used to create so many outfits. They can be dressed up and down very easily and there is a lot of scope for creativity when it comes to styling a pair of jeans. Let us look at some fail-proof outfit ideas you can try the next time you wear jeans: 

Athleisure with a touch of denim

Athleisure outfits are trending a lot all over social media and everyone is embracing the straight out of gym look very effortlessly. The myth that this look can only be created using bottoms like joggers needs to be broken here. You can wear high-rise skinny jeans with a crop top and bomber jacket. Add a pair of chunky sneakers and a sporty handbag to complete the look. This is a sporty and trendy outfit which is an elevated version of athleisure outfits created with leggings or joggers. You can wear this combination to watch a sport, run errands, or even at the airport. 

Edgy Glam Rock Outfit 

Are you a fan of black leather jackets, boots, and studded accessories but feel like your jeans are missing out on all the fun? Don’t worry we got your back! You can wear a pair of skinny jeans for women with a shiny metallic top and a black leather jacket. Complete the look with a pair of black leather boots and smokey eye makeup. This is the perfect rock-inspired look that you can carry without looking out of place. 

Preppy Princess 

Who said preppy fashion cannot include a pair of jeans? You can wear a pair of straight-leg jeans with a striped button-down shirt. You can add a blazer and a pair of classic loafers to achieve that laid-back preppy vibe. 

Romantic Date Night Outfit

Jeans for women are a perfect option if you want to go out on a date but are not in the mood for wearing a dress. You can wear a pair of flared jeans with a strappy satin blouse or an off-shoulder blouse. You can add strappy stilettos, and a chic bag to complete the look. Keep the jewelry & makeup minimal with this outfit for the look to look effortless and classy. 

Winter Weekend Look 

Weekends in winter are extra lazy and they have all the reason to be. For these weekends you need fail-proof outfits that are cozy but do not as for too much effort. You can go for a pair of mom jeans, a chunky sweater, suede ankle boots, and a cross-body bag. You can put together this outfit in no time and it looks like you have planned the outfit well. You can finish the look by adding minimal jewelry, a nice watch, and minimal makeup and you are all set for a movie date or a shopping spree. 

Business Casual Look 

You can wear your jeans to work without looking too casual. Pair your jeans with a button-down blouse and a pair of loafers. You can complete this look by adding a work tote and minimal makeup. You will shine through the day while being incredibly comfortable. 

A Final Word 

Jeans for women is an example of practicality, style, and versatility all in one and that is what has made it so popular across the globe. This piece of clothing was introduced in the 1970s and was embraced by women in the mid-20th century. There are so many ways you can style jeans, and no they’re not just basic outfits. If you are looking forward to adding a new pair of jeans to your wardrobe, you should check out the latest collection of Jeans by Glamly. They are selling products by reputed brands like Madame & Camla Barcelona. All you have to do is place an order and they will handle the rest. Your order will be delivered to your home and you will have new clothes without having to step out of the house. 

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