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Embracing Garden Annexes: Enhancing Living Spaces


Garden annexes represent more than just additional living areas; they signify a modern approach to enhancing living spaces. This comprehensive guide navigates through the realm of garden annexes, also known as granny annexes in the UK, unraveling their significance in creating versatile and cost-effective living solutions.

Unveiling Garden Annexes

Designed for living and built for life, garden annexes offer self-contained living spaces tailored to various needs. Whether accommodating extended family members, older children, overnight guests, or exploring Airbnb opportunities, Garden Annexes serve as versatile extensions of living spaces.

Customization at Its Core

Just like garden rooms, garden annexes are completely bespoke and customizable. From one-bedroom spaces to larger layouts, the design possibilities are limitless. Each garden annex embodies its unique character and can be adapted to suit individual requirements and available space.

Notable Features

  • 50-year rubber roof life expectancy
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 12 fully customizable design styles
  • Planning permission required

Exploring Garden Annex Options

Let’s delve into a selection of garden annex designs:

  • The Stretton: Starting from £38,900, offering 15m2 with one bedroom.
  • The Darby: Starting from £38,900, providing 15m2 with one bedroom.
  • The Lawley: Starting from £42,500, featuring 16m2 with one bedroom.
  • The Wrekin: Starting from £80,000, offering 32m2 with one bedroom.
  • The Attingham: Starting from £87,995, providing 32m2 with one to two bedrooms.
  • The Darwin: Starting from £89,500, offering 38.25m2 with one bedroom.
  • The Thomas: Starting from £92,500, featuring 40m2 with one bedroom.
  • The Wenlock: Starting from £95,490, providing 40m2 with one to two bedrooms.
  • The Ludlow: Starting from £120,000, offering 62.5m2 with two bedrooms.
  • The Salopian: Starting from £121,750, featuring 69m2 with two bedrooms.
  • The Ellesmere: Starting from £125,900, providing 66m2 with two bedrooms.

Customer testimonial: “I would not hesitate to recommend Custom Garden Rooms for anyone thinking about a similar project.” – Mike Bazeley, Shrewsbury

Benefits of Garden Annexes

A Habitable Living Area

Garden annexes offer fully habitable living spaces, complete with kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms for optimal comfort.

Expanded Living Space

Utilizing outdoor areas, garden annexes provide additional living space within the home, designed to maximize available space.

Versatility in Use

From guest houses to Airbnb rentals or extensions of existing homes, garden annexes serve various purposes, adapting to changing needs.

Planning Permission

Unlike garden rooms, garden annexes require planning permission. Despite the additional steps, our team guides you through the process, ensuring simplicity and compliance.

Our Journey

With over 15 years of construction experience, our founder, Andy, alongside Operations Manager, Jay, established Custom Garden Rooms. Committed to creating products of unparalleled quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction, our team continues to evolve, driven by shared passion and innovation.

Our Approach

  • Honesty: Rooted in real industry experience, we uphold honesty in all our dealings.
  • Professionalism: We take pride in delivering professional services, striving for excellence.
  • Visionaries: Collaborating with clients, we bring their visions to life while setting new standards of innovation.


Garden annexes redefine the concept of modern living, offering versatile and customizable solutions to homeowners. From creating additional living spaces to exploring new possibilities, garden annexes embody flexibility and creativity. Start your journey with Custom Garden Rooms and transform your living space with the versatility of garden annexes.

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