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Crafting a Secure and Anonymous Presence on Instagram Stories


Social interactions on the most popular platforms are both an art and a science. It is art because you need to have a certain level of craftiness to unlock the full features of the platforms.

We can also consider it a science because you must understand the psychology of those you interact with to know what will trigger their engagement.

That said, you’ll realize that you need artistic prowess to craft a secure and anonymous presence on Instagram. This brings us to the concept of insta navigation, specifically IGAnony.

The Rise of Third-Part Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

The internet is filled with websites or apps claiming complete anonymity while viewing Instagram stories posted by other people. However, some may just be bots designed to gather your data, while others might be secure but do not work at all.

Furthermore, some anonymous technologies might not be advanced enough to escape the watchful eyes of the platform’s community guidelines. You’ll do well to remember that Instagram can disable your account for violating the guidelines.

This happens because Instagram has deemed it appropriate, offensive, harmful spam, or meant to violate the platform’s terms or conditions of use, some behaviors, or content. It is good to avoid anything that could put you through the stress of having your account suspended or disabled.

Secure and Anonymous Presence on Instagram Stories


You may have realized just how crucial Instagram considers user privacy. If you’ve been keen on regular Instagram updates, nowhere has the platform introduced a feature that allows you to view Instagram stories incognito or download the content.

Therefore, any attempt to discreetly view stories or download them for offline viewing could put your account at risk of suspension. The most advanced Instagram anonymity third-party websites or apps not only let you view the stories but also download them without the account owner ever realizing it.

Interestingly, social media gurus have devised a few truly ingenious ways to help you watch your favorite Instagram content anonymously and hassle-free. Let’s look at each of these strategies. You will find them fascinating.

  1. Watch the story offline.

You might be wondering just how to watch an Instagram story offline, yet you need the internet to access the app. Easy, pal; it is simpler than you imagine. First, you use the internet to preload the content you wish to view anonymously. Once it finishes preloading, load it offline by switching on airplane mode.

As you might already know, airplane mode offers a quick way to disconnect your device from receiving any signals, including Bluetooth and even GPS. Instagram will therefore not be able to know your location or your identity to notify the user that you viewed their story.

Follow these simple instructions to successfully use this method:

  1. Open the Instagram app you installed on your device and log into your account.
  2. Locate the profile of the person whose story you wish to watch anonymously and tap on it.
  3. The action will trigger a circular loader, which serves the purpose of preloading the content. Wait until the loader completes its cycle.
  4. Completion means the story has been preloaded in the background, and now it’s ready to play on your device. This is where you disconnect from the internet by activating airplane mode.
  5. With your device offline, watch the story to its completion, and then switch to airplane mode to reconnect to the internet.

Instagram will not be able to register the view because your device was offline when you downloaded the story. Hence, the account owner will not receive any notification, keeping your identity hidden.

The flipside of this method is that you can only watch one story at a time. Furthermore, it will not work if the person posts many stories in a series. Also, keep in mind that the trick will not work for private profiles.

2. Open an alternative IG account for anonymity.

It takes a lot to build an Instagram account and get excellent interaction. Imagine losing your successful personal account just because you wanted to enjoy incognito viewing of stories. The best way to ensure security is to open an alternative Instagram account specifically for anonymous indulgence.

The new account must have a certain level of authenticity, but it should not reveal your identity if you want to remain anonymous. With it, you can take the usernames of interest of the followers you have on your main account and watch their stories anonymously.

Opening the secondary account is simple. To add an Instagram account to your main account, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram: Make sure you are logged into the Instagram account that you want to set as your main account.
  2. Go to Profile Settings. Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner to go to your profile. Then, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner to open the menu. From the menu, select “Settings.”
  3. Add Account: In the Settings menu, scroll down and find the “Account” section. Tap on “Switch Account” or “Add Account,” depending on your device and app version.
  4. Log in or Create Account: If you already have another Instagram account, you can log in using the username and password. If you want to add a new account, you can tap on “Sign up” to create one.
  5. Switch between Accounts: Once you’ve added the additional account(s), you can switch between them by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right corner, then tapping on the username of the account you want to switch to.
  6. Manage Multiple Accounts: You can easily manage multiple accounts by adding or removing them in the settings. You can also log out of any account by going to Settings > Account > Log out.

 By following these steps, you can add multiple Instagram accounts to your main account and switch between them seamlessly. This translates to limitless potential for anonymous story viewing since Instagram allows you to have up to five accounts.

3. Use IG Anonymous Browser Extensions and Add-Ons

Certain browsers allow people to browse not only social media but also other websites anonymously. You can take advantage of these extensions to view Instagram stories incognito. Perhaps the most popular extension I know that can help with this is Chrome’s Ghostify.

These extensions and add-ons enable you to access other posters’ content anonymously from within your web browser without creating additional accounts or logging in. Apart from Ghostify, there is Firefox’s Instagram Story downloader and IG Helper: Save IG Posts by Microsoft Edge.

Note that all these extensions allow you to discreetly view Instagram stories of public accounts. However, you can only view Instagram stories from private accounts that follow you. Very few services can allow you to watch content from private accounts you do not follow.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has opened limitless opportunities for social media influencers, celebrities, and businesses. Anonymous viewing of Instagram stories can give you a glimpse of someone’s activities and let you know what they are doing without their knowledge. All the methods we’ve discussed here are secure, effective, and authentic. You stand no chance of getting your account deactivated or suspended. Choose the method that suits your needs.

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