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How to Write a Profile Essay that Gets You Noticed – Insider Tips


How can you craft an essay that helps you get in the eyes of admission officers and makes a good impression? What makes it a great essay and stands out from the rest of the papers? We have provided an answer to these questions in this article. 

A good profile essay is a first-hand account of something as told by a writer. It provides the readers with new insights into a particular event or place. You recount the work history of a person in such documents. 

Let’s define a profile essay before moving to the writing tips. 

What Is a Profile Essay?

Per the definition of Washtenaw Community College, a profile essay can be defined in terms of a composition course that refers to a place, person, activity, or any other item. If you are taking any journalism course, it shall refer to writing about one person only.

How Do I Write a Profile Essay? 7 Top Tips

Before you learn how to write profile essays, you should master academic writing skills. It is much easier for students who have already written several autobiographical articles or descriptive essays. However, for students who do not have prior writing experience, it is a complex process to craft such an essay. 

For new students, profile essay writing becomes ten times easier when they get help from professional essay writers. It is because expert writers have vast professional experience, and they know how to write a paper in the best way. 

The step-by-step guide for writing an essay of this kind is the following:

1. Choose an Interesting Topic

To successfully choose an interesting topic for your work, think about the exciting information that you can use in your work. Choose a topic that resonates with your thinking and concepts. When you are crafting your profile essay thesis statement, write the main aim of your work in that part. Later, you shall describe the subject matter in the body paragraphs of your essay. 

2. Find Your Writing Style

It is important to find your style when writing your profile essay. Otherwise, it shall be none other than a boring paper and nobody shall be interested in reading it. Display your communication skills and make it interactive. The reader should feel that you are conversing directly with him in the cover letters you craft. 

3. Write Your Introduction

Your profile essay introduction must start with an engaging line, interesting quote, or attention-grabbing paragraph. Just like a CV personal profile gives the overview of a person, your essay should effectively describe your subject in the best way. The description of your essay should not be too long; just 4-5 lines are enough. 

4. Craft the Main Body

Now, when you have intrigued the reader, your task is to reveal everything that you have written in the introduction to your readers. Pay attention to the appearances of all the characters you are writing about. Highlight different ideas in your work and put in effort to grab the attention of readers. 

5. Describe Vividly

When you start writing your personal statement in this essay, ensure to use the words that convey your meaning vividly and effectively to the readers. Tell the readers about how a person looks, talks, smells, feels, etc and describe the background of the events. Describe in a way that the reader can picture the scenes that you are describing. 

6. Craft the Final Part

The last part of your profile essay is the conclusion, which brings the reader to the end of your essay. Here, you should write a few critical words about the subject of your essay. Ensure the reader knows how the subject influenced you. In the conclusion, present the readers with a summary of your paper, but try not to repeat yourself. Use all these tips to achieve the goal of your essay. 

7. Revise the Essay

When you have finished writing your essay, do not walk away thinking that you have completed your job. Instead, relax for a while and then come back to your papers to proofread and revise them carefully. Make sure that there are no mistakes in your papers before you hit the send button. Also, you should ensure that there is a natural flow in the contents of your essay. 

How Do You Profile Yourself?

The professional profile essays should be short and concise, and they should not be more than four brief sentences. You may craft your profile in the form of a short paragraph and make a list in bullet form. Ensure that you have added your job title, work experience with years of experience, and your skills. Also, do not forget to highlight your professional strengths for the role. 

How Do You Start a Profile Paragraph?

You pick up a topic and divide the theme into different aspects. Then, you place each distinct idea in each paragraph and craft a new paragraph with a specific topic line that addresses the main research problem. The main body of the paragraph expresses the central idea, and the conclusion marks the closing of your paragraph.

Profile Essay Topics

Completing a profile essay can be simple for some students. However, some students find the process challenging as compared to others. These essays can be based on any person, place or event. A couple of profile essay ideas for you to craft your papers are as follows:

  • The barista at my favourite coffee shop
  • A small town that I have visited or lived in
  • Your favourite church or any other place of worship
  • The description of a heirloom that has been passed down in your family
  • An interesting wedding ceremony that you have attended 

You can also study the profile essay examples from previous students and craft your custom essays accordingly. Some examples of popular profile essay ideas are listed here: 

  • Global warming
  • Animal cruelty
  • My gaming consoles
  • A concert tickets
  • A music festival 


It is always difficult to include all the information about the subject you have chosen in a single profile essay. Review your work carefully to check if you have missed any points. Ensure that your work has a natural flow and is interesting for the readers. 

If the subject is You, writing your essay will be more difficult. In such cases, you should get help with a profile essay from a legitimate essay writing service. The professional writers shall craft a top-class paper that’s relevant to the job and has detailed information about you. 

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