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Unlocking the Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to WhatsApp Business in Digital Businesses


Digital business is a modern business that uses technology to transform and improve every aspect of business. These include operational areas, customer relationships, and other things. Several technologies are commonly used in digital business such as Artificial intelligence, data analytics, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and API integration. Whatsapp business is a common used tool for digital business.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss CRM and digital marketing, specifically WhatsApp CRM. Important to know, WhatsApp CRM is a merger of the CRM platform and the WhatsApp Business API. This software tracks WhatsApp conversations between businesses and customers. Let’s continue to learn more about it.

Recognizing the prospect of WhatsApp Business in digital business

Since the pandemic, life was being forced to shift digitally. People using WhatsApp to communicate with the community. Then, why is WhatsApp used for business? It has many business-friendly features and can easily integrate with CRM. It shows WhatsApp has promising future prospects for business. 

The rising prevalence of digital communication

As time evolved, customer habits have changed. Easy access to communication through social media as well as short messaging apps makes it easier for customers to connect with information. Consequently, business owners must be prepared to make changes in order to make customers stay engaged.

Customers expect an easy and quick way to access the information they require. To meet those expectations, the company must first determine the best communication tools. Aside from easy communication, it also can improve the efficiency of the business system.

Recently, WhatsApp CRM has introduced several business-oriented features including:

  • Media campaigns for real-time communication use various techniques, including broadcast messaging, WhatsApp stories, and automated messages.
  • Online business transactions, like ordering goods or services through WhatsApp and sending a payment link,

There is still room for improvement in it. Such as WhatsApp chatbots, WhatsApp payments, and even AI integration. Therefore, it is expected that businesses in this digitalization era will always be prepared for the rapidly changing landscape of technological advancements. 

The utilization of WhatsApp CRM in digital marketing

Basically, marketing goals are to understand consumer needs and desires, develop products based on customer preferences, and raise brand awareness. However, digital marketing has the same goal except it is done through digital media such as websites, social media, or messenger apps. 

Developing a successful digital marketing plan requires careful consideration of several aspects including identifying the target audiences, outlining marketing objectives, and choosing the digital platforms to maximize impact. 

The channel should be able to efficiently track and analyze data related to the performance of digital marketing in addition to effectively promoting products. Luckily, it aligns with the feature on WhatsApp CRM.

The leverage of whatsapp business in e-commerce

The use of WhatsApp for business is not just for marketing, it also has a huge impact on the e-commerce sector. WhatsApp Business fulfills the most important aspect of the e-commerce process, customer service. Hence, WhatsApp Business offers easily handling frequent customer complaints. 

Adjusting traditional ways of customer support

Back then, customer service could only be provided directly through phone call or face-to-face. However, it requires time and incurs additional fees. However, with digitalization, customer service can be done from home, saving time and money.

Now, there is WhatsApp Business, it enables users to receive upgraded customer support services, including:

  • Get an effective solution to the complaints.
  • Access general information about products or services at any time.

Nurturing customer relationships in better ways

Value current customers is as important as getting new customers. Because loyal customers tend to recommend our products voluntarily. Additionally, they won’t think twice about making payments on a regular basis over time.

Customers like this are hard to get. Companies must develop strong relationships and provide high-quality products or services. Through WhatsApp business, it can be possible to create customer support that nurtures and retains customers. 

An AI chatbot can be added to the WhatsApp business, making the service available 24 hours a day. Alternatively, integrate WhatsApp business with CRM to send personalized messages to your most loyal customers.

How to use WhatsApp Business for digital business

If you want to improve customer communication, brand awareness, and support automation, WhatsApp business is the perfect tool. Because it provides immediate, personalized service to connect with customers. Here are some WhatsApp business implementation tips.

Preparation for WhatsApp Business setup

Choose your WhatsApp business goal first. Do you want to engage customers, improve communication, or raise brand awareness? The way to reach each goal is different.

Second, knowing the target audience. It will help companies to make sure the messages meet customers’ preferences.

Finally, create a business profile. Provide customers with all the information they need such as company logo as a profile picture and description. Since a trustworthy WhatsApp Business requires complete information.

Setting up a WhatsApp business account

Set up a business WhatsApp account with automated responses. It allows companies to talk with customers right away, even out of working hours. The messages will automatically send when certain words or phrases are typed in. 

This feature can be programmed by finding out frequently asked questions. It helps customers and saves time unless, but make sure the answers you give are correct. Additionally, integrate WhatsApp Business with some business tools. Start with a CRM system, it will be easy to keep track of and handle customer interactions. The collected data and information can be used to make strategies for improving the customer experience. Adding social media platforms to WhatsApp Business can also help with marketing. This will help a business to reach and engage more people. It is efficient to promote a business and talk to customers through many platforms.
Incorporating various digital tools into WhatsApp Business offers tremendous benefits such as improved marketing efforts, increased engagement rates, and access to valuable data through built-in analytics. Staying up to date with technological advancements ensures business survive in today’s competition of fast-paced digital. How about your business? Is it still relevant with customer preference and the digital era?

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