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What Does the “Story is Unavailable” on Instagram Mean?


Instagram is that social media app on which users love to post their videos and images to see other’s reactions. The story uploading feature of Instagram is more famous on which you can share the link of your new post, any regular activity, or short clips or images of any event. Through stories, you connect to your followers more because posts may be missed but stories remain on the top of the Instagram home page. 

But the most dreaded part related to Instagram stories is the error code- this story is unavailable Instagram. Why does it show and can we troubleshoot it? Let’s find out together.

Reasons behind getting the error- This Story Is Unavailable

Sometimes any of your Instagram friends send you a story of someone else, and when you try to open it, it shows an error message that seems something like- this story is unavailable Instagram blocked. The same error message could also be shown when you directly try to open any story. If it happens to you too, then dear you are not alone. Almost every Instagram user may face that. There could be many reasons behind this as listed:

  • The story has expired: after 24 hours, the story becomes unavailable and shows the error ‘Story is unavailable’
  • Deleted account: after posting a story, the account may get deleted. In that case, too you can’t access the story.
  • You may be blocked by the story creator: the story is accessible to others and not you, then it may be the case where the creator has blocked you. 
  • You are not following: an account with public settings is accessible to everyone. But if you are trying to look out for the story of that account with private settings and you are not following it, you will get the error- this story is unavailable Instagram.
  • Poor internet connection: in the case of internet glitches, the app shows the same error message. To access the stories you need to acquire a stable internet connection.
  • Down server: in rare cases, when none of the above reasons is suitable in your case, then the server of the app may go down. If so then also you will get the error this story is unavailable.

Troubleshooting the error: “This Story is Unavailable”

After knowing the reasons why does it say story unavailable on Instagram, now it’s time to move forward and see troubleshooting ideas for this error.

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The cases where no action is required: if the story has expired or the account has been deleted, in both the cases you can do nothing to see the story. 

Ask for the screenshot: if the story is accessible to others and not you, you can ask anyone to capture the screen snap of their story and send it to you.

Follow the private account: as we have seen private account stories can’t be seen unless you follow that account. So follow it to view the story.

Restart router or modem: if the internet connection is not stable, you will get the same error. You can try turning it off and then on your internet connection- mobile data/ router/ modem.

Wait for a few minutes: temporary and occasional glitches are genuine on popular social media apps. You can wait for a few minutes and then try again.

Report the Instagram: if nothing works, you can also report the Instagram about the issue and get it resolved by their team.


This interrupted error ‘this story is unavailable’ can be frustrating but using the above tips, you can resolve the issue or at least know the actual reason behind the error. 

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