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Tips To Make A Great First Impression When Going For Date


Have you ever gone on a date or asked someone out for a date? If not, then this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to ask your crush out for coffee or brunch. Going on a date doesn’t necessarily mean you guys are a couple, but it’s just the starting phase of getting to know each other.

However, when you approach your crush or the person you admire to establish a relationship, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression, so it is crucial to make a powerful impact on your potential partner. It helps you to set the tone for the entire experience, so here are some tips on how you can make a positive and memorable impression.

1] Dress Up Decently For The Date

Whether you are going for a walk, brunch, movie, or coffee date, it is important that you dress up decently according to the place and weather. You must choose something that you feel confident and comfortable in. If it is a casual coffee date, then you can go with something casual to wear, but if it is a more formal restaurant, then you must consider switching to formal attire.

2] Don’t Make Your Date Wait

Whether you are a man or woman, it’s very unethical to make the other person wait for you. If you arrive on time at the designated venue, it shows that you respect the other person’s schedule, and that helps to create a positive first impression. However, if you are running late, then you must give a heads up to your date as waiting long can irritate a person.

3] Take A Small But Notable Gift

Since you are going on a date on Valentine’s Day, why not get something for your partner? Chocolates, minimal accessories, or indoor plants can serve as a perfect Valentine Gift if you meet the person for the first time. It is not necessary that you will also get a gift in return, so don’t be disappointed if such a thing happens. It is your duty to give your best to make the date memorable for both of you.

4] Maintain Eye Contact During Conversation

To show that you are confident and genuine, you must maintain eye contact with the other person while having a conversation. It’s okay if you don’t initiate this gesture, but once you get comfortable, you must talk while looking into the eyes. Avoiding eye contact or looking elsewhere during conversation may create a negative impression, such as you are not interested in being there or want to leave, etc.

5] Compliment Your Partner Sincerely

When you meet the person, you must offer genuine compliments so that your date will feel at ease with you. You don’t need to exaggerate it; instead, keep them sincere and specific. You can praise him/ her for beauty, attire, hairstyle, and other aspects. Also, during the conversation, you can give small compliments when you find something amusing about your partner.

6] Avoid Checking Your Phone

As soon as you get to the venue, it’s better to keep your phone on silent as it can ring anytime. While being on a date, it’s rude and inconsiderate to be on the phone when the other person is fully invested. As long as you both are together, make sure to keep your phone aside to minimise distractions. Giving full attention to your date is considered a romantic and gentle gesture.

7] Take A Bunch Of Flowers With Yourself

Why should a man always bring flowers on the first date? So, if you are going on a first date, then getting a bunch of flowers for the respective person will be a great first impression. Apart from roses, you can consider giving them a bunch of orchids, sunflowers, lilies, tulips, etc. You can also surprise them with flower delivery in Delhi or wherever your data resides before meeting them, as it will surely bring cheery smiles to their faces.

8] Listen To Your Date Actively

When your date is speaking about something, you must carefully listen to him/ her with all ears. Do not speak in the middle or cut off their sentence; instead, it’s better to let him/ her complete it and then say your take. You can encourage conversation by asking questions that require more than a simple yes or no answer. Pay attention to your date and then respond thoughtfully.

9] Express Yourself Authentically

Your first meeting should be authentic without a pretentious or fake act. Stay genuine to your true self and try not to imitate others. You must make your real personality shine so that you guys can form a genuine connection. It would hurt the person if you pretend to be something else in the beginning and then go back to being yourself later.

10] Appreciate Your Date At The End Of The Day

When your date ends, and it’s time to part ways with each other, make sure to give a positive response about the time spent together. You can say a simple ‘thank you for a great evening’ to appreciate the time that the other person has spared for you from your busy schedule. It is a gentle and whelming gesture to appreciate the efforts, irrespective of how the date went.

Bottom Line

The key to leaving a lasting impression on your first date is to be genuine and show your real personality. On a date, you must be fully attentive, give genuine compliments, avoid getting disturbed, and gift small items or flowers to your partner. The first impression on a date is all about making your counterpart feel comfortable, valued, and respected while expressing yourself authentically.

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