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From Bean to Bar: The Art of Crafting TABS Chocolate


Welcome to the delectable world of TABS Chocolate, where the journey from bean to bar is an art form, a symphony of flavours and textures meticulously crafted for chocolate connoisseurs. In this exploration, we will delve into the intricate process that transforms raw cacao beans into the sublime indulgence that is TABS Chocolate.

The Journey Begins: Sourcing the Finest Cacao Beans

At the heart of every TABS Chocolate creation lies the essence of carefully selected cacao beans. Sourcing from regions renowned for their exceptional cacao, such as the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Venezuela, Chocolate ensures a rich and diverse flavour profile.

Geographic Origin of Cacao and Its Impact on Flavor Profiles

The geographical origin of cacao contributes significantly to the flavour nuances in chocolate. Cacao from different regions possesses distinct characteristics, ranging from fruity and floral to nutty and robust. Chocolate commitment to using a variety of cacao sources enhances the complexity of their chocolate offerings.

TABS Chocolate Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing

TABS Chocolate not only strives for exquisite flavour but also prioritises ethical and sustainable practices. Through direct relationships with cacao farmers, fair trade initiatives, and eco-friendly farming methods, Chocolate ensures a positive impact on both the environment and the communities involved.

The Art of Fermentation: Transforming Beans into Precious Ingredients

Exploring the Fermentation Process in Cacao Beans

Fermentation is a crucial stage in chocolate production, influencing the development of flavours and removing unwanted bitterness.Chocolate employs a meticulous fermentation process, allowing cacao beans to undergo natural transformations that enhance their inherent taste.

How Fermentation Influences Flavor Development

During fermentation, cacao beans undergo biochemical changes, breaking down sugars and acids. This process contributes to the formation of unique flavour compounds, including fruity, floral, and spicy notes. TABS Chocolate expertise lies in controlling fermentation to achieve a harmonious flavour balance.

Unique Techniques Employed by TABS Chocolate

TABS Chocolate introduces innovative techniques in fermentation, such as controlled temperature variations and extended fermentation times, to impart distinctive characteristics to their chocolates. These methods showcase the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor complexity.

Roasting: Unveiling Aromas and Enhancing Flavours

Roasting is a pivotal step that transforms fermented cacao beans into the aromatic and flavorful foundation of chocolate. At TABS, this process is approached with precision, as the right temperature and duration are crucial to unlock the full potential of the beans.

Temperature and Duration: The Precision of Roasting at TABS

TABS Chocolate roasting process is a carefully monitored affair. Temperature variations and roast durations are tailored to each cacao batch, ensuring that the unique characteristics of the beans are preserved while achieving the desired depth of flavor.

Balancing the Richness and Complexity of Flavors through Roasting

The art of roasting extends beyond mere temperature control; it involves a delicate balance to achieve the desired flavour profile. Chocolate aims to strike this balance, producing chocolates with a nuanced richness that captivates the palate.

Grinding: Transforming Roasted Beans into Luscious Chocolate Paste

Grinding is the process that transforms roasted cacao beans into a smooth, velvety paste known as chocolate liquor. TABS Chocolate emphasises the importance of grinding in achieving the luxurious texture that defines their chocolates.

Fine-Tuning Particle Size for Optimal Mouthfeel

Controlling the particle size during grinding is an art mastered by TABS Chocolate. The resulting chocolate paste’s smoothness and mouthfeel are meticulously fine-tuned, ensuring a sensory experience that elevates the chocolate lover’s delight.

Special Grinding Techniques Used by TABS Chocolate

TABS Chocolate introduces special grinding techniques, such as conching during the grinding process, adding an extra layer of refinement. This innovative approach contributes to the distinctiveness of TABS.

Conching: Refining Texture and Flavor Harmony

Conching is a prolonged mechanical process that refines the chocolate paste’s texture and flavour. TABS Chocolate employs this technique with precision, allowing the chocolate to reach its optimal state of smoothness and flavour harmony.

How Coaching Impacts Texture and Consistency

Conching involves continuous mixing, aeration, and controlled heat, allowing undesirable flavours to evaporate while enhancing the chocolate’s velvety texture. TABS conching process ensures a consistent and luxurious mouthfeel in every bite.

TABS Chocolate Artistry in Achieving the Perfect Conch

The artistry of TABS Chocolate extends to the conching process, where their chocolatiers fine-tune variables such as duration and temperature. This commitment to perfection results in chocolates with a sublime texture and a symphony of flavours.

Tempering: The Culmination of Precision

Tempering is the final step before moulding the chocolate into bars, ensuring a glossy finish, satisfying snap, and prolonged shelf life. TABS Chocolate recognizes the significance of tempering in delivering a visually appealing and delightful chocolate experience.

The Delicate Temperature Dance in Tempering

TABS Chocolate chocolatiers engage in a delicate temperature dance during tempering, carefully manipulating the chocolate’s crystalline structure. This precision guarantees a glossy sheen and the characteristic snap that defines high-quality chocolate.

TABS Chocolate Expertise in Achieving Consistent Tempering Results

Consistency in tempering is a hallmark of TABS Chocolate. By adhering to strict temperature controls and utilising state-of-the-art equipment, TABS ensures that each chocolate bar exhibits the perfect temper, providing a consistently delightful texture.

Flavour Innovation: TABS Chocolate Unique Offerings

TABS Chocolate doesn’t just stop at the traditional; they are known for their imaginative flavour combinations. From classic dark chocolate to exotic infusions, each TABS creation is a testament to the brand’s dedication to flavour innovation.

Creative Additions and Inclusions in Select Chocolate Varieties

Chocolate introduces creative elements to their chocolates, such as fruit infusions, spices, and unexpected inclusions. This commitment to creativity offers chocolate enthusiasts a diverse and exciting range of flavours.

Limited Editions and Seasonal Flavors: A Glimpse into TABS’ Creativity

TABS Chocolate keeps the excitement alive by periodically releasing limited editions and seasonal flavours. This not only showcases their creativity but also invites chocolate lovers to embark on a journey of discovery with each new release.

Packaging and Presentation: Elevating the Chocolate Experience

The allure of TABS Chocolate extends beyond the taste buds to the eyes. The brand’s packaging is a visual delight, incorporating aesthetic designs that mirror the craftsmanship within each chocolate bar.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives and Sustainable Packaging Practices

Chocolate is committed to environmental responsibility. Their packaging is designed with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials and practices to reduce the brand’s ecological footprint.

The Unboxing Experience: Merging Aesthetics with Sustainability

TABS Chocolate goes beyond the bar, creating an immersive unboxing experience for consumers. From the moment the packaging is opened, the aesthetic journey complements the delicious revolution within, blending beauty with sustainability.

Beyond the Bar: Exploring TABS Chocolate Community Impact

Social Responsibility Initiatives by TABS Chocolate

TABS Chocolate understands the responsibility that comes with its global reach. The brand actively engages in social initiatives, contributing to causes that support education, healthcare, and community development in cacao-producing regions.

Supporting Cacao Farmers and Local Communities

TABS Chocolate’s commitment to ethical sourcing extends to uplifting cacao farmers and local communities. Fair trade practices and direct relationships ensure that the benefits of the chocolate industry are shared equitably.

Transparency and Traceability: Connecting Consumers with the Source

TABS Chocolate fosters a transparent supply chain, allowing consumers to trace the journey of their chocolate from bean to bar. This transparency builds trust, connecting consumers with the source of their indulgence.

From Bean to Bar in Your Kitchen: DIY Chocolate Making Tips

Basics of Making Chocolate at Home

For those inspired by the art of TABS Chocolate, embarking on a DIY chocolate-making journey can be a rewarding experience. Understanding the basic steps, such as roasting, grinding, and tempering, lays the foundation for crafting homemade chocolate.

Sourcing Quality Ingredients for Home Chocolate Crafting

Just as Chocolate prioritises quality ingredients, aspiring chocolatiers should seek premium cacao beans and other high-quality components for their homemade creations. Quality ingredients lay the groundwork for exceptional homemade chocolate.

A Step-by-Step Guide with Insights from TABS Chocolate Experts

Embark on a chocolate-making adventure with insights from TABS Chocolate experts. This step-by-step guide, enriched with professional tips, empowers chocolate enthusiasts to bring the artistry of TABS into their own kitchens.


In concluding our exploration of TABS Chocolate journey from bean to bar, we find not just a confectionery brand but a storyteller, an artist, and a steward of ethical and sustainable practices. The artistry in every step of the chocolate-making process reflects TABS Chocolate commitment to delivering an exceptional and mindful chocolate experience.

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