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Explore a Detailed Guide on the Andar Bahar Online Game


In the world of varied casino live games, Andar Bahar has an audience worldwide. The game is simple and played with a standard deck. If you love to play online live casino games that are simple and based on guessing, Andar Bahar is the perfect option. 

With various platforms available on the Internet, you must find the reliable one, for instance, Fun88, which has been a safe and reliable platform for decades. The platform allows users to play andar bahar online with smooth gameplay and a user-friendly interface to help them play hassle-free. Let’s explore tips and information about Andar Bahar’s gameplay in this guide.

What is the Andar Bahar Game?

Before you go to play the Andar Bahar online game, understanding it is important, especially for newbies. The popularity of this game lies in its easy-to-play factor. The better just have to wait for the dealer to reveal the outcome after placing bets on either side of the table, that is, either Andar, which means inside or Bahar, which means outside. The game starts when the dealer removes a card from the deck and places it on the side before the betting time. 

After the betting timer ends, the dealer removes cards from the deck and places one on the Andar or Bahar side. The better here has to predict which side the card will fall into with the similar face value of the card placed before betting time.

How to Play the Andar Bahar Game?

You don’t have to worry if you are new to the Andar Bahar game; the gameplay is easy to grasp once you start playing. Here is how to play the Andar Bahar online game:

  • The first thing that happens in the Andar Bahar game is that the dealer removes one card from the deck and places it on the side of the table. The card the dealers first remove is called a Joker card, and the card’s face value could be from A to K.
  • After the dealer pulls out a card, some time is given for you to decide on which side you want to place your bet: Andar or Bahar. You predict which side will be the winning each round and bet accordingly.
  • Once you have placed your bet and the betting timer stops, the dealer starts dealing cards on the Andar and Bahar sides of the table. The side with the same face value as the Joker card wins the round. 
  • For example, if the joker card is 8 of spades and you bet on the Bahar side, then the Bahar side needs to get any of the 8 value cards, i.e. 8 of hearts, diamonds, or clubs, for you to win the round.

Important Tips for Andar Bahar Game

You can begin placing bets now that you know about the Andar Bahar game. But a few important tips which you must look at before beginning are as follows:

  • Observe the Game 

The art of observation is a must-have quality for every player, which helps many pro players win big money. As you know, Andar Bahar stands out as one of the most straightforward online casino games, offering easy-to-understand rules and uncomplicated betting options, so observing which side wins the most time would not be hard. Consider which side wins more, place your bet on the same side, and experiment. 

  • Try Mental Bets to Test Your Observation

You can try mental bets before you use real money to bet on the high-winning side. Start by placing mental bets for some rounds and test your observation. After each round, you check whether you placed your bets on the winning side and whether the results were in your favour. For example, if you skip 5 rounds to find the high winning side, try placing mental bets for another 5 rounds on what you observed. 

  • Place Bets on Andar More

The best shot is to place more bets on Andar’s side if you don’t want to opt for observing each round. The reason behind this is that the payout rate of Andar is slightly more than the payout rate of Bahar side. The betting odds for the Andar side triumphing is 51.5%, while the Bahar side winning odd is 48.5%. The change in the betting odds is small, but if you bet on a higher payout, such as the Andar, your winning amount will be higher as it is multiplied by the stake. 

  • Utilise Betting Systems for Profit Maximisation

A quick way to earn money in simple games like online Andar Bahar is through betting systems. For beginners, progressive betting systems are advisable; adjust your stake based on wins and losses. This approach ensures that eventual wins compensate for previous losses through payouts.

Andar Bahar is among various online live casino games that Indian audiences love. The game is easy to play and understand, filled with excitement. Always rely on trustable and reputable betting platforms like Fun88 to ensure a hassle-free gaming experience.

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