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Role of the e-IDV Process in the Healthcare Industry


The hospitals can verify the identity of their patient while onboarding, and they can ensure that the individual is authentic. The advanced solutions execute the whole task, and the employees do not have to perform the lengthy documentation. The artificial intelligence tools record the data of the user, verify them and monitor their activity. In 2022, almost 154.93 million ransomware attacks were detected worldwide and 68.42%  is the share of the cyber attacks in it. The e-IDV process has reduced the data breaches, as the algorithms of the tools are very strong, it is impossible to decode them.

How Electronic Identity Verification Works?

  • Electronic identification is essential to verify the identity of the patients, it stops the frauds in the medical industry. The rising number of cases of data breaches, insurance cases and prescription fraud have generated the demand for biometric solutions. The patient has to go through the process of biometric verification while onboarding so that the hospitals get their thorough data. The finger, face, iris, voice and pupil patterns of the victim are verified to ensure that they are authentic. The system makes the templates of these patterns and then matches them with the formerly stored record.
  • During the onboarding, the patients have to submit their documents, and the system makes the templates that are readable by the solution. They then compare these records with the formerly stored information, and the account of the patient is created. It even stores the medical history of the victim, and it is then used for treatment purposes. The doctor does not have to ask the sufferer about their previous disease, they can check the system and get thorough information. In this way, the time of the doctors and patients is saved, and the victims can be given the proper treatment.

Is it Necessary to Comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC)

Electronic verification systems ensure that the company is compliant with the regulations of the government. The legal authorities drive the ways that will preserve the company from fraudulent acts. The government demands that the company must ensure that they are interacting with the authentic person, for this purpose they have to verify their accounts. The advanced solution checks the source of income of the user and then monitors their activity. The business that does not follow these guidelines has to bear the heavy loss, as the government imposes fines on them, other than this their brand image is also affected. The companies that face fraudulent activities and penalties, the image to deteriorate in the market. They also lose their potential clients as the users do not prefer to associate with the organization which is unable to preserve the data of its clients.

Electronic Verification of Identity: Control the Identity Theft Fraud

Electronic verification code has regulated many activities, as patients can be given the right treatment through it. The hospital contains the digital records of their victims, they do not have to record their data manually. The identity theft cases can be resolved, as only authentic clients are given access to the system. Insurance companies are mostly prone to cybercrime and other fraudulent cases Therefore eIDV process are necessary in the health sector so that the right patient can be given the right treatment. In this way the hackers can’t bypass the log-ins, they have to go through multiple steps. Electronic identity verification (e-IDV) has secured the data of the customers. The clients feel safe with the company that has integrated these solutions because their data is secured through it.

Electronic Identification: Enhanced the Experience of the Patients

The patients do not repeatedly go through the verification process, they are verified just once, and after this, they only have to face the camera. The biometric solution secures the data of the customer, as the users have to go through 2-step verifications therefore it is impossible for the hackers to decode the account. The patients also prefer hospitals that provide them with seamless services. In the healthcare industry, any slight delay can lead to a risk to the patient’s life, therefore the user prefers the hospital that saves their time.


 The e-IDV process provided seamless services to the patients, as their verification was done digitally. This authentication can be done anywhere, the system records their thorough information. The hospitals can onboard, verify and monitor their patients through it. They can simplify their operations, as the advanced tools are used to onboard the patients and the paramedical staff. The employees do not have to go through a lengthy process, and the staff of the company can be utilized for any other task.

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