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Top 2021 Searches in Canada


The results are revealing. In 2021, Canadians were increasingly using the internet to answer questions ranging from vaccine passports to celebrities. But what are the most popular searches? We gathered a few trends for the year and came up with some interesting statistics. Last year’s most popular searches revolved around health and fitness, do-it-yourself projects, and entertainment. But this year, the most searched-for items on YouTube are all about entertainment.

E-commerce Platform:

As the pandemic has spread worldwide, Canadians have turned to the internet to find information. A recent report from Google reveals that searches for “buy online” increased by 77% in the 12 months ending June 2021, while brick & mortar shopping declined by 3%. A common theme among searches was to find a vaccine or a new Netflix show. The research shows that Canada’s searchers are increasingly interested in e-commerce.

Netflix shows:

One interesting trend in Canadians’ online shopping habits is the pandemic. When Canadians were suffering from an epidemic, they were turning to Google. This year, Google released a list of top searches from Canadians. A common theme was being more substantial, and many people were searching for ways to get vaccinated. In addition, there was a significant increase in searches for Netflix shows Yt5s.

Health and fitness:

In Canada, over half of the population prefers to shop in stores. The most popular categories include groceries, home products, major appliances, nangs, clothing, and wellness. In-person shopping is more common among females, while it is less popular among the younger generation. The findings are a great indicator of how Canadians will shop online in the future. When they do, they will be searching for health and fitness-related content.

Medical service:

In Canada, the number of searches related to health and fitness has grown over the past two years. While the number of searches related to healthcare has dropped slightly since 2016, it has been increasing rapidly. In Canada, the search for medical services rose three times higher than searches for a new vaccine. The number of searches for sports is up as well. Despite the booming e-commerce sector, Canadians still love to buy things hard to find in Canada.

Last year, the top search in Canada was COVID vaccination and Flipper Tooth Pros and Cons, followed by a resurgence of interest in the NHL. The NHL, as well as other sports, were popular as well. The resurgence of hockey and football was the driving force behind the rise in NHL searches. Although the numbers are low for this year, the Canadian public is more than willing to make purchases Online Casinos in Canada. And it’s not just the health of people.

The popularity of TV shows and sports, in general, is reflected in the number of Canadians who search for e-commerce content. With over 80% of Canadians using Google, e-commerce is becoming the dominant channel in Canada. For the first time, the number of searches related to healthcare was nearly three times higher than the number of searches related to health. And in the second year, the search volume was up by 22%. In Quebec, the number of searches was up for all products, from groceries to clothing to music to movies.

Footwear and apparel:

While most Canadians are interested in sports, e-commerce has been a growing force in Canada. In Canada, e-commerce searches for products and services are on the rise. And Google Trends reports that the number of visits to online shopping sites grew by 25% during the twelve months ending June 2021. This figure is compared to a decline in brick-and-mortar buying in Canada. The most considerable increase was seen in footwear and apparel.


During this pandemic, many Canadians shop U.S. retailers for products not available in Canada. In Canada, 42 percent of online shoppers search for “buy online” to buy an item, while only 4% search for other products. This is a clear sign that the popularity of e-commerce is a growing force in Canadian society. So, it’s no surprise that these goods’ number of searches has increased.

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