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What are the top reasons to plan a visit to the city of Karjat?

Karjat basically is a very small town and is the last station of the THANE district in Maharashtra which makes it very popular. River Ulhas is very well finding its origin in this city and this city is perfectly covered with a good number of historical spots which make it a very popular tourist destination, especially for adventure lovers. This place is only 90 km away from Mumbai and has gained a lot of importance because it connects Pune as well as Lonavla further planning a night stay in resorts in Karjat is definitely worth it so that you can have the perfect experience of your lifetime. Following are some of the most important reasons why considering a trip to this particular particular city is definitely worth it:

  1. The best possible call of adventure: This particular city is located in the state of Maharashtra and is the perfect answer to all of your adventure needs and requirements. Basically, this is a para for anyone who is interested in doing something exciting over the weekend, and is perfectly a very good refreshing getaway. Since it comes with the best possible trekking activity for everyone, everyone will be able to get the best experience in the city which will be a lifetime thing. So, if you are getting a chance to visit this place during monsoon season then definitely the weather over here will be making it worth visiting. 
  2. It comes with the best of the restaurants and local food: Another very important reason to plan a visit to the city of Karjat is the presence of restaurants and local food over here because the entire region is proficiently dominated by the Maharashtrian food culture and a blend of South and north Indian cuisine. Everything ranging from the Paratha to Dosa will be easily made available over here and you will be getting the iconic vada pav which is a must-have item to be consumed in this area. Planning a visit to the best of the restaurants in this city is definitely worth it so that you can satisfy your hunger pangs very successfully.
  3. Best possible sightseeing options: Another very iconic reason to plan a visit to this particular place is the best of the site being provided by it because whenever people are coming from Mumbai, they can easily reach this place via train and further will be able to have the best possible trip of their lifetime. Planning the night stay in the hotel or the campout options is definitely worth it so that everyone will be able to have the best experience of the city further, this place also comes with proper connectivity via flight as well which is another very important reason to plan it for the upcoming trip.
  4. Visiting the iconic Kondana caves: Another very important reason to plan a trip to this particular city is the caves because in this case, you will be getting significant insights into the ancient Buddhist lifestyle which is very well depicted in the form of Stupa and sculptures present over here. Due to the earthquake in the early 1900 some of the items are damaged but major areas of the caves are also restricted. So, planning a visit to the places is definitely worth it so that you can have the best experience of your lifetime.
  5. Covering the PETH Fort: This is one of the most important places to be covered in this particular city which is located to the east of the Karjat and is one of the most important places to be covered because of the vicinity of this place. This is very well located at the modest elevation of 1500 feet and the pinnacle of the area is that it is available in the shape of the vertical funnel which gives it a peculiar look. The caves present over here very well provide people with the best possible benefits and alongside there is a pool present in this place which makes it definitely worth visiting. The vertical tunnel also comes with large cool rooms and spacious caves along with staircases that will lead to the top. If you are interested in getting the panoramic view of the city then definitely planning a visit to the top of this place is worth it so that you can have the best time of your lifetime
  6. Uncovering the adventure sports through the BHIVGAD trek: This is another very important iconic activity that you can carry out in the city and this is the most important option that you will be enjoying in companionship with your adventure love. These are basically two caves and a few water spots at the top that eventually help in providing people with a scenic view of this seasonal waterfall. Some of the fortifications of this area are still left and this is one of the most important places to be covered because of the old structures present near the top. The stone idol of an unknown God is also present in this place which is worth visiting and you will be getting the panoramic view of the city very successfully.
  7. Planning to visit the beautiful waterfalls: Some of the beautiful waterfalls are very well present over this particular city which very well provide you with the mesmerizing Cascade of water from the cliff. In between the beautiful surroundings, there will be a lush green environment which makes it a very popular tourist spot. Apart from this, it is important to note that the waterfalls can be easily reached with a short trek between the arrow pathways which will further provide people with the best possible experience. In this case, people can also enjoy the best possible beauty in surreal environment and eventually will be able to have the best experience of their lifetime 

In addition to the points mentioned above, whenever individuals are interested in adding the pinch of luxury to their trip then definitely booking your room in the resorts in Karjat is worth it so that everyone can have the best experience in this small town filled with solitude and spend the quality time with the loved ones. 

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