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Target Price for Vedanta Shares 2024–2025–2030 (VEDL) 

Forecasted Share Price for Vedanta from 2024 to 2030

In brief, have offered Target price for vedanta shares forecasts from 2024 to 2030 based on recent facts and computations. These objectives might assist anticipate how the stock might perform. Keep in mind these targets are merely recommendations. Other variables like news might also impact the stock’s performance. So, always conduct your own analysis before investing.

YearYear-End Target

2024 Target Price for Vedanta Shares VEDL

Indian equities, such as VEDL, performed well in 2023. Early in 2024, this pattern could still be present. ₹280.12 is the lowest and ₹312.29 is the maximum estimated price for VEDL in 2024. In 2024, ₹280.12 is the planned beginning price. The price may hit ₹312.18 by the middle of the year if the market continues to rise. The price may reach ₹312.29 by the end of 2024 if the positive trend holds.

January 2024₹269.85
February 2024₹284.75
March 2024₹280.15
April 2024₹277.89
May 2024₹281.83
June 2024₹312.18
July 2024₹312.14
August 2024₹312.19
September 2024₹312.23
October 2024₹312.26
November 2024₹312.24
December 2024₹312.29

2025 Target Price for Vedanta Shares VEDL

By January 2025, the Target price for vedanta shares is expected to reach ₹332.35. By December 2025, it may reach ₹330.09 if the economy is doing well. ₹332.35, the beginning price objective, is set for 2025. By the middle of the year, the price may hit ₹330.09 if the market continues to rise. If the positive trend holds, the price may reach ₹330.09 by the final year of 2025.

January 2025₹332.35
February 2025₹336.98
March 2025₹332.42
April 2025₹330.08
May 2025₹330.11
June 2025₹330.09
July 2025₹330.08
August 2025₹330.07
September 2025₹330.03
October 2025₹330.04
November 2025₹330.09
December 2025₹330.09

2026 Target Price for Vedanta Shares VEDL

The share price of VEDL is expected to reach ₹355.96 in 2026. These Target price for vedanta shares are expected to continue their upward trajectory.

January 2026₹358.32
February 2026₹362.91
March 2026₹358.27
April 2026₹355.94
May 2026₹355.96
June 2026₹355.92
July 2026₹355.90
August 2026₹355.85
September 2026₹355.85
October 2026₹355.88
November 2026₹355.92
December 2026₹355.96

VEDL Target Price for Vedanta Shares 2027

VEDL’s Target price for vedanta shares in 2027 is anticipated to start at ₹384.61 and might reach ₹382.53 by the end of the year given strong financial conditions.

January 2027 target for VEDL₹384.61
February 2027 target for VEDL₹390.25
March 2027 target for VEDL₹384.66
April 2027 target for VEDL₹382.38
May 2027 target for VEDL₹382.41
June 2027 target for VEDL₹382.4
July 2027 target for VEDL₹382.38
August 2027 target for VEDL₹382.42
September 2027 target for VEDL₹382.45
October 2027 target for VEDL₹382.45
November 2027 target for VEDL₹382.49
December 2027 target for VEDL₹382.53

2028 VEDL Target Price for Vedanta Shares

The first half of 2028 is predicted to see Target price for vedanta shares Ltd (VEDL) change between ₹413.29 and ₹411.98. By the middle of the year, the share price might reach ₹411.00 if the market is favorable. If the market continues to trend positively, the price of a share could reach a high of ₹410.98 by the end of 2028. 

January 2028 target for VEDL₹413.29
February 2028 target for VEDL₹418.88
March 2028 target for VEDL₹413.33
April 2028 target for VEDL₹411.98
May 2028 target for VEDL₹410.99
June 2028 target for VEDL₹410.97
July 2028 target for VEDL₹411.00
August 2028 target for VEDL₹410.96
September 2028 target for VEDL₹410.94
October 2028 target for VEDL₹410.96
November 2028 target for VEDL₹411.00
December 2028 target for VEDL₹410.98

2029 VEDL Target Price for Vedanta Shares

It is projected that the share price of VEDL will begin 2029 at ₹443.28 and, in an ideal market environment, might close the year at ₹442.13.

January 2029 target for VEDL₹443.28
February 2029 target for VEDL₹448.87
March 2029 target for VEDL₹443.29
April 2029 target for VEDL₹441.98
May 2029 target for VEDL₹442.01
June 2029 target for VEDL₹442.02
July 2029 target for VEDL₹442.05
August 2029 target for VEDL₹442.03
September 2029 target for VEDL₹442.07
October 2029 target for VEDL₹442.11
November 2029 target for VEDL₹442.09
December 2029 target for VEDL₹442.13

2030 VEDL Target Price for Vedanta Shares

During the first half of 2030, shares of VEDL are anticipated to range between ₹474.79 and ₹472.53. By mid-year, the share price may hit ₹472.47 if the market is doing well. If the firm continues to expand, the Target price for vedanta shares might reach a high of ₹472.47 by the end of 2030.This makes stock price prediction different since it gives investors a possible route forward.

January 2030 target for VEDL₹474.79
February 2030 target for VEDL₹479.41
March 2030 target for VEDL₹474.80
April 2030 target for VEDL₹472.53
May 2030 target for VEDL₹472.50
June 2030 target for VEDL₹472.49
July 2030 target for VEDL₹472.46
August 2030 target for VEDL₹472.48
September 2030 target for VEDL₹472.48
October 2030 target for VEDL₹472.46
November 2030 target for VEDL₹472.49
December 2030 target for VEDL₹472.47

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