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Free TikTok Video Downloader Apps in 2024:easy steps about how to use it


TikTok’s soaring popularity has spurred demand for downloaders enabling watermark-free, HD video saves. Myriad high-quality downloading apps in 2024 facilitate offline viewing of TikTok videos.

What are the TikTok Video downloaders?

Key Points Regarding TikTok Video Downloaders:

  • Functionality: These tiktok downloader apps enable the saving of TikTok videos without the need for the original app or an active internet connection once downloaded.
  • Types:
    • Standalone Apps: Dedicated applications for mobile devices or desktops that facilitate video downloads.
    • Online Websites: Web-based services that require you to paste a video link to download.
    • Browser Extensions: Add-ons for web browsers that can detect and download videos directly from TikTok’s web interface.
  • Features:
    • Video Quality Options: Many downloaders offer different resolution options, allowing users to choose video quality.
    • Batch Downloads: Some tools support downloading multiple videos at once.
    • Watermark Removal: Save videos without TikTok watermarks
    • Security Considerations: Exercise caution with downloaders to protect privacy
    • Broad Compatibility: Support variety of operating systems for wide accessibility

Why TikTok Download Software is so Popular

  • Algorithm-Driven Popularity: TikTok’s sophisticated algorithm adeptly highlights trending content, prompting users to download these widely-viewed videos for offline enjoyment or to circulate among peers who are not active on the application.
  • Resource for Creators: Downloading tools assist creators in archiving their productions for incorporation into varied digital compositions or for redistribution across alternative social networks sans the TikTok watermark.
  • Offline Accessibility: The ability to download videos from TikTok ensures that favored material is accessible for viewing without the prerequisite of an internet connection, offering portable amusement.
  • Facilitated Distribution: Such tools streamline the act of disseminating content across various platforms or communication applications that may lack direct TikTok integration.
  • Unbranded Video Preference: A number of individuals seek to consume content without the intrusive watermark, and select downloaders provide the option to eliminate it.
  • User-Oriented Design: The downloaders are designed with an emphasis on ease of use, making video saving an effortless task for users at any level of technical proficiency.
  • Educational Utility: Downloading content for educational purposes allows for the retention of instructional and informative material, useful for future reference or in educational and training settings.
  • Preservation: As content on TikTok can be transient or subject to removal, downloaders provide a means for users to preserve videos they consider important or memorable.
  • Compilation Creation: Downloading videos enables fans to create compilations of their favorite creators, trends, or topics.

Best TikTok video downloading apps :easy steps about how to use it


Best for: Downloading in-app videos

SSStiktok sets itself apart with the ability to detect and download videos playing directly in the TikTok app itself. This means you can conveniently download any video you come across in the app without having to switch to an external site.


  1. Can download in-app playing videos
  2. Offers high-quality downloads
  3. Removes watermarks
  4. Works on Android devices
  5. Allows bulk downloading

Verdict: The unique in-app downloading feature makes SSStiktok very convenient for TikTok users to quickly save videos they discover in the app. Quality downloads without leaving TikTok.

– Downloads videos playing in app– Only available on Android devices
– Removes watermarks automatically– Slightly slower speeds than web tools
– Easy one-tap downloads– Cannot access private videos

Best for: Desktop and mobile use is a versatile downloader that works across desktop and mobile for TikTok videos. It can remove watermarks and offers downloading in different resolutions up to HD quality. The intuitive interface makes it simple to use.


  1. Desktop and mobile support
  2. Downloads HD TikTok videos
  3. Removes watermarks from videos
  4. Allows selecting video resolution
  5. Simple and clean interface

Verdict: The availability on both desktop and mobile makes useful for users who want the flexibility to download videos across devices. Smooth performance across platforms.

– Desktop & mobile support– Slower speeds than web tools
– Clean and simple interface– Requires TikTok video URL
– Multiple resolution options– No advanced editing features


Best for: Downloading private videos

iTubeGo is packed with advanced features like the ability to download private and protected videos that other tools cannot access. It also offers downloading in different resolutions.


  1. Can download private and protected videos
  2. Multiple resolution options including HD
  3. Removes watermarks from videos
  4. Fast download speeds
  5. Available for Windows and Mac

Verdict: The access to private videos makes iTubeGo useful for downloading a wider range of content. Ideal for dedicated users.

– Can download private videos– Slightly complex interface
– Multiple resolution options– Only available on Windows & Mac
– Fast download speeds– Requires TikTok video URL

By Click Downloader

Best for: Downloading protected videos

By Click Downloader is another tool that can download private and protected TikTok videos by simply entering the video URL. This gives it an edge when accessing restricted content.


  1. Downloads private and protected videos
  2. Removes watermarks automatically
  3. Easy web-based interface
  4. No account registration required
  5. Additional video formats supported

Verdict: The ability to access private videos makes By Click Downloader useful for getting restricted content. Convenient web-based tool.

– Downloads private videos– Limited features compared to desktop apps
– No registration required– Only web-based
– Easy web interface– Requires TikTok video URL

YT Saver

Best for: Web-based use

YT Saver is a straightforward web tool that removes watermarks and downloads TikTok videos in MP4 format through the website interface. No software installation needed.


  1. Web-based, no install required
  2. Downloads videos in MP4 format
  3. Removes watermarks from videos
  4. Only requires video URL
  5. Simple and easy to use

Verdict: The direct web-based downloading process of YT Saver makes it super convenient for quick downloads without hassles.

– No installation required– Can only download in MP4 format
– Simple web interface– No advanced features
– Fast download speeds– Requires TikTok video URL


Best for: Android use

SnapDownloader is designed specifically for Android mobile devices. It can download TikTok videos in high quality without watermarks. Easy to use on an Android phone.


  1. Made for Android devices
  2. Downloads HD quality videos
  3. Removes watermarks
  4. Simple one-tap downloads
  5. Supports other platforms too

Verdict: The Android-focused design makes SnapDownloader the ideal choice to install on an Android phone for easy on-the-go TikTok video downloads.

– Made for Android devices– Only works on Android mobiles
– Simple one-tap downloads– Cannot access private videos
– Removes watermarks automatically– No customization options

4K Tokkit

Best for: Maximum quality downloads

As the name suggests, 4K Tokkit stands out for its ability to download TikTok videos in ultra high 4K resolution. This results in maximum video quality for those wanting the very best.


  1. Downloads in 4K UHD resolution
  2. Removes watermarks from videos
  3. Very fast download speeds
  4. Simple and clean interface
  5. Additional video formats available

Verdict: The exceptionally high 4K download quality makes 4K Tokkit the top choice for enthusiast users who demand the highest video fidelity.

– Downloads in 4K UHD resolution– Only offers maximum resolution
– Very fast download speeds– Web-based only
– Removes watermarks automatically– Cannot edit videos
– Clean interface– Requires TikTok video URL


Best for: Desktop and mobile use

VideoProc offers great platform flexibility with desktop and mobile apps for downloading TikTok videos. Convenient tool for use across devices.


  1. Desktop and mobile apps
  2. Allows high quality downloads
  3. Removes watermarks
  4. Excellent platform support
  5. Intuitive interface

Verdict: With availability on both desktop and mobile, VideoProc provides great convenience for users who want the flexibility to download videos across platforms and devices.

– Desktop & mobile apps available– Slower than web-based tools
– Great platform support– Requires TikTok video URL
– Removes watermarks automatically– No advanced editing features

YTD Video Downloader

Best for: Downloading in-app videos

YTD Video Downloader can detect and download videos playing directly within the TikTok app interface. Useful for quickly grabbing videos you find.


  1. Can download in-app playing videos
  2. Removes watermarks during download
  3. Simple one-click downloads
  4. Available for Windows and Mac
  5. Allows downloading multiple videos

Verdict: The in-app download capability makes YTD Video Downloader extremely convenient for instantly grabbing videos playing in TikTok in high quality.

– Can download TikTok in-app videos– Only works on Windows & Mac
– Fast one-click downloads– Requires TikTok video URL
– Removes watermarks automatically– No customization options

WinX Video Downloader

Best for: Maintaining original quality

WinX Video Downloader makes it easy to download TikTok videos by URL while retaining the original video quality and resolution. This results in maximal video fidelity.


  1. Downloads videos in original quality
  2. Removes watermarks from videos
  3. Allows downloading multiple videos
  4. Fast download speeds
  5. Available for Windows

Verdict: By preserving video quality, WinX Video Downloader is great for users who want to download TikTok videos with minimal quality loss for archival purposes.

– Maintains original video quality– Only available on Windows
– Fast download speeds– Requires TikTok video URL
– Allows multiple downloads– No editing features

How Do I Save High-Quality TikTok Videos?

Step 1Use a dedicated TikTok downloading app like SSStiktok, WinX Video Downloader, or 4K Tokkit. These specialized tools can access higher resolutions.
Step 2Copy the link of the TikTok video you want to download in HD quality. Open your downloader app and paste this URL.
Step 3Before downloading, the app will show options to select video resolution. Choose the highest quality which you want.
Step 4Start the download process. The app will now extract the highest resolution version of the video available.
Step 5Once downloaded, the video will be saved without any watermarks. Enjoy watching it in full high definition quality!

Comparison of Best TikTok Video Downloaders

VidJuice UniTubeOnline4.3/5
iTubeGoWindows, Mac4.2/5
By Click DownloaderChrome extension4.0/5
YT SaverOnline4.5/5
4K TokkitAndroid4.0/5
VideoProcWindows, Mac4.7/5
YTD Video DownloaderWindows4.5/5
WinX Video DownloaderWindows4.6/5
Video Downloader Without WatermarkAndroid4.2/5

Download and Remove TikTok Watermarks on Windows and Mac

For Windows and Mac users, some top options for downloading TikTok videos and removing watermarks include:

  • VideoProc – Downloads HD quality and removes watermarks completely. Also allows editing videos.
  • iTubeGo – Downloads TikTok videos and playlists while removing any watermarks. Can also convert formats.
  • WinX Video Downloader – Provides original quality downloads without watermarks in MP4 format.
  • – This online tool quickly removes all watermarks during TikTok video download.
  • YT Saver – Enables fast watermark-free downloads right from your browser.

These desktop-based and online tools make it easy to save clean versions of your favorite TikTok videos on a Windows PC or Mac device.

Wrapping Up

Advanced 2024 TikTok video downloaders efficiently save watermark-free videos offline, enabling uninterrupted viewing. Downloading must be done responsibly with proper authorization.

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