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Top 8 Prep Tips to Stand Out in the SAT Exam


SAT is one of the most popular tests among international aspirants. While there are no passing or qualifying marks, a massive number of students are still preparing and applying to appear for this test. In fact, 1.9 million students appeared for the SAT last year.

Having said that, it is important to acknowledge the importance of the test and start preparing without wasting a single minute. You can apply for SAT coaching online at websites like AbroAdvice and start your preparations without any delays.

However, for those not willing to enrol in such institutes, there are a few tips from study abroad consultants from major websites like to keep you ahead. Know and implement them for good scores in SAT.

  1. Get Familiar with the Test

SAT is one of the most difficult tests for students willing to study abroad. Since many top universities select candidates based on this test score, you need to put in some extra effort to ensure you have a chance to be in one of the top universities. So, before you start your preparations, consider checking everything about SAT. You need to assess the pros and cons of the test, learn how the test score will help you in the long run and move ahead with the preparations.

  1. Understand the Format

You need to understand the format of the test for better preparation. Many students fail to make it to the top because they study the lessons blindly without understanding the format. It is highly recommended that you consult an international education consultant to know all about the format before you take a step forward. The test is conducted for 1600 points and is divided into two sections: Math and Evidence-based reading and writing. You must be well-versed with both to bag the minimum qualification score to be called by a reputed university.

  1. Diagnose Your Skills

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the test is to assess your skills. The test requires a proper understanding of the subjects involved and proper time management skills to get the best grades. The entire test will help you understand if you have the skills to crack the test. Further, it will help you know about the format, important sections and all other aspects without putting any extra effort. You can get help from the experts to understand and assess your skills before moving forward with the process. It will help you in the long run.

  1. Work on Your Weaknesses

Once you know where you need improvement, start working on it before it’s too late. The diagnostic test helps candidates understand both positive and negative aspects and work on them accordingly. It will help you overcome the odds and find a way to get the right solution. Many students sit for SAT, and it is important to take all steps to ensure you are one step ahead of others. If you feel you are weak in math, take steps to work on the section. Practice math questions. Try beating the clock while you work on this section.

  1. Be Clear with SAT Score

How much you need to score in SAT is something you need to know to prepare well for the test. You need to check the institute where you are applying. SAT scores do not have any minimum qualifying score. It varies from one institution to another. So, it is crucial to understand what your institute accepts and prepare accordingly. The overseas education consultants suggest students first shortlist the institutes they are willing to apply to before going forward with SAT preparations. It will help them create a plan for preparing for SAT.

  1. Prepare a Schedule

It is impossible to learn everything about SAT overnight. You need to make a plan to prepare well for each section of the test. Experts suggest students start preparing well before the test. It is great to start your preparations one year before the test. However, it is not possible for all to start preparing a year before the test. Hence, it is important to assess the study hours and prepare a plan accordingly for better scores. Go through the syllabus and start preparing as soon as possible to fulfil your dream of studying abroad.

  1. Master Test Strategies

SAT evaluates your practical knowledge and mental stability and also theoretical. You need to work on some tricks to answer all questions and ace the test. Ask an expert to learn about the tricks to crack the test and answer all questions correctly. You can look for online tutoring videos to understand how the best minds crack the SAT. As there are both maths and English questions, you need to understand the correct ways to handle both these sections. You will be able to answer questions stress-free once you know about the ways to handle all the questions.

  1. Appear for Mock Tests

One of the best things to do to crack SAT is sitting for mock tests. There are many coaching centres that arrange mock tests for international aspirants. You can enrol to any one of them to get a feel of SAT exam. Students can understand where they are lacking and manage their time accordingly. The standardised exams need proper planning and understanding of the various aspects for better scores. The mock tests give you the opportunity to explore all the aspects and be fully prepared for the test.


It takes a lot of patience and a proper understanding of various elements to ace the SAT exam. You need to take all the steps to ensure you have the score that your university needs and make your dream come true. There are various coaching centres that can take you all the way through, but you also need to take the initiative to learn the various aspects of the subject. The points above will help you find the best ways to prepare for SAT and ace the test.

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