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How to Get to Mars. Very Cool ! HD

When "How To get to Mars" is a clip from the IMAX documentary "Roving Mars" from 2006. Spirit, MER-A (Mars Exploration Rover -- A), is a robotic rover on Mars, active from 2004 to 2010. It was one of two rovers of NASA's ongoing Mars Exploration Rover Mission. It landed successfully on Mars at 04:35 Ground UTC on January 4, 2004, three weeks before its twin, Opportunity (MER-B), landed on the other side of the planet. Its name was chosen through a NASA-sponsored student essay competition. The rover became stuck in late 2009, and its last communication with Earth was sent on March 22, 2010. when NASA announced that efforts to communicate with the unresponsive rover had ended. A formal farewell was planned at NASA headquarters after the Memorial Day holiday and was televised on NASA TV.Must watch compilation video all the time.

Transcript of Video Heli ,Mar 1, 2011

No signal at the moment
Signal strength is currently intermittent
We don't see a signal at the moment
What do we see? We've got the signal! [cheering]
The first thing we have to do after we land is open our solar panels to the sun
So we'll have some power. This charges up the batteries
After that, we can deploy the camera mast so the rover can see and deploy the antenna, so the rover can talk to us

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