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Top 10 World's largest palace

Top 10 World's largest palaces include Palace of the Parliament,Hofburg Palace,Louvre Palace,Ak Saray,Istana Nurul Iman,Apostolic Palace,Forbidden City,Malbork Castle,Royal Palace of Madrid,Quirinal Palace.The title of the "Top 10 World's largest palace" is difficult to award, and controversial, as different countries use different standards to claim that their palace is the largest in the world.

 largest palace in the world

01 Palace of the Parliament : Romania

02 Hofburg Palace : Austria

03 Louvre Palace : France

04 Ak Saray : Turkey

05 Istana Nurul Iman : Brunei

06 Apostolic Palace : Vatican City

07 Forbidden City : China

08 Malbork Castle : Poland

09 Royal Palace of Madrid : Spain

10 Quirinal Palace : Italy

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