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Types of Horns in Animal Kingdom

Animal kingdom has all sorts of varieties, some animals have fur on their body, others are all bare. Similarly some animals grow horns on their heads. Though some animals use to for their defense and territorial fights, many animals have simpy no use for it.



Bison are strong grazing animals. Their bodies are mostly covered in fur and have small pointy horns on their head.


Cows have no particular pattern of horns. Some have long horns pointing upwards and some have horns hanging down. Their horns are much like human hair patterns.


Giraffes have long neck and horns on their heads are difficult to identify as they are covered with heir skin.

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats have most fascinating horns


Rhino have horns on their nose and their horns are made of hair.

Scottish Hochlandrind

Hochlandrind are scottish Highland cattle with horns in the shape of a wide U.


Most Males of different species of deers have horns larger than the females. One reason is that they continue to fight with other males for territory and females.

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