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The Longest Railways in the World

Railway is the lifeline of many countries. Millions of passengers are carried to their destinations everyday. Trains have been there for many decades. From coal run trains to electric trains, railways have come a long way. Many railways run trains from one country to other countries too.

 Longest Railway

USA Railways

USA has the longest network of Railways in the world. However large part of American Railways is freight shipments and passenger trains make a small part of the whole network. Rail lines are 257,722 km long.

Chinese Railway

China Railway Corporation is regulated by Ministry of Railways of PRC. China has the second longest railway network in the world. China is one of the few countries to have a railway police. Rail lines are 127,000 km long.

Russian Railway, Length: 85,513 km

Russian railways is one of the oldest railway network. Trans-siberian railway line was constructed around 1891 and is the longest railway line in the world.

Indian Railway, Length: 67,368

With almost 1.3 million employee, Indian Railways is the eight largest employer in the world. Though it is the fourth largest railway network in the world, it still run some age-old coal-engines.

Canadian Railways

Canada has a large network of dedicated railway lines. Freight corridor and passenger corridors are separately operated and different provinces manage different lines.

German Railway

The German railway company is headquartered at Berlin. It carries almost 2 billion passengers every year.

Australian Railway

Australian Railway has three major gauge network and is mostly state-based. There are small number of private lines as well.

Brazilian Railway

Brazilian Railways dates back to 19th century and is operated by different companies. Trains run on 4 different gauges in Brazil.

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