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The Extreme Landscapes of Deserts

Deserts are not easy and not for everyone. The extreme heat during the day is unbearable and lack of vegetation and water sources makes it even difficult to survive there. Apart


Desert Highway

Highways that pass through deserts are among the most difficult ones to cross. There are fewer fuels stations and resthouses and a if a vehicle breaks down mid-way, there is no certainity of getting any help soon.

Desert Sunset

The extreme tempeartures of desert continue at night time as well. It becomes very cold at night and one could freeze without any measure to warm up oneself.

Desert Flora

There is limited or almost no vegetation in deserts. Only plants or tree that grow there have special abilities to capture water and survive in extreme heat. Cactus are the most common plants in deserts.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon in Utah, USA is a natural canyon carved by the river Colorado. Some rocks are 800m high and canyons are 1800 m deep. It is a popular destination for tourists and hikers.

Joshua Tree National Park

Colorado and Mojave desert fall into protected area of Joshua National Park. The park is named after Joshua trees that are found here. There are many huge and old boulders in the desert.

Dunes of Morocco

When it comes to soaring tempeartures, Morocco comes first. There are places in Morocco which record highest temperatures in the world during day. Though the sand dunes in desert look amazing.

Desert Mountains

Sand dunes change their size and shape almost everyday but there are small mountains in deserts which have stood still for millions of years. It is believed that these mountains depreciate over tyime and add more sand to the deserts.

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