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Bicycle That Run Our Lives

The first thing that kids learn to ride, except for their parent's back, is a Bicycle. A two-wheel, sometimes four-wheel drive that takes no fuel no batteries but still runs for years. This ecofriendly old friend of ours is slowly taking the backseat, although there are some countries which are trying to get rid of the mightier machines and switch to the old better option.


Basket BiCycle

Remember how boys use to envy the girls when they had a little basket attached to their cycles and carry small items along?

The First Test Drive

The first time when you hit the paddle, ofcourse with your father holding the cycle from back, is the best feeling.

The Clean Transport

No air pollution, no noise pollution and no high maintenance costs is what comes with a simple bicycle.

Flying Cycle

With time, Bicycles became more than a mode of transport. Now it has become a tool for sports as well. Cyclers and stunt-lovers take cycles on uneven terrains and try out their cycle's limits.

Personal Uses

The time when there were not many motor cars

Into The Mountains

Though it is not completely safe, some mountaineers like to take their cycles up on the mountains are paddle around hilly slopes.

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