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Special Lanterns That Glow At Night

Lanterns were the only source of light after sunset, until few decades ago. People used all varieties of lanterns, be it oil ones or those with candles. Then people started using electrical lights and lanterns became part of decoration. Some lanterns still look elegant.


Burn Oil All Night Long

People who used to work at night time had many lanterns which would burn all night long.

Facade Lanterns

This one must be outside Dracula's House

Flying Lanterns

Flying Lanterns are the new trend, where lanterns made of paper or cloth are sent into skies at night. Usually a bunch of lanterns are made to fly together and it appears beautiful.

Door Side Lanterns

People also used to hang lantern outside their doors at night so that those coming back home at night could find it easy to spot the place.

Royal Lantern

Decorative Lanterns were used in Royal and elite families.

Snow Lanterns

Lanterns used at windy places ahve to be covered properly to stand against wind.

Street Lamps

People slowly began to hang lanterns on streets and thus began the trend of putting up street lamps.

Seaosonal Lanterns

Some people used to hang lanterns with the Christmas trees earlier when there was no electricity.

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