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Different Seasons Around The World

Seasons and climate change with different geographical locations but all the seasons can be defined in a broader term. There are basically four seasons: Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. There are places like India where there is an additional season of Monsoon when the major parts of country recieves rainfall.

seasons of world


During Autumn temperatures began to calm down. It is the time when men and animals began to prepare themselves for Winter.

The Fall

Autumn is also called the Fall as many trees shed their leaves at the time of autumn and the areas nearby get filled with dead leaves.


Spring is the time when seeds take root and vegetation starts to grow. Animals that go into hibernation wake up from their sleeps at this time. Many new babies are born.

Waters of the Spring

Spring is also the season when snows melt at the peaks and thus increases the water levels in rivers, which thereby causes floods.


Summer is the time when the sun shines with all its might. Temperatures soar up to high levels and water becomes scarce. People and animals suffer heat waves the same.

Summer sunset

Some places receieve a little rains during summer and other places may go dry. Sunsets are most beautiful during summers.


Winters is among the most loved seasons around the world. Places with high temparatures get the much needed relief that they long for. Some animals change their physical appearances according to the season.

Winters at Lapland

Lapland is the northmost region in Finland. It is home to native Sami people. There are hotels made up of snow in Lapland. Many tourists visit the place during winters.

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