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Most Colorful Creatures on Earth

There are uncountable colors in the world and some animals are born with or develop various colors on their bodies. Right from Kingfishers to colorful peacock these animals exhibit and use their colors for all sorts of purposes, even to attract potential partners.

 Colorful Animals

Atlantic Crab

Callinectes sapidus is a variety of Atlantic Crab which is blue and red in color, it is also called the Blue Crab. It is native to the waters of Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Discus Fish

Ocean is filled with many colorful creatures but Discus fish has some distinctive colors which make it stand out.


Goldfasan is a Chinese gamebird and its name means 'with Golden Crest'. This colorful bird lays 8-12 eggs at a time.

Japanese Robin

This yellow headed small bird comes from the passerine family. Japanese Robin is similar in genus to the European and Siberian blue Robin but is slightly different in color pattern.


When it comes to colors, Kingfisher really is the king. Kingfisher is a commonly found bird and its colors change from region to region. In some places it has a dark blue shade and elsewhere it it maroon or grey colored.

Mandarin Duck

The male of Mandarin duck has a purple chest area and reddish-white face, with red beak. The female is quite monotonous in colors. This duck is found mainly along East Asia.

Lorikeet Parrot

Lorikeet Parrots are among the most colorful birds. It has dark blue head and mostly red and green feathers, with a hint of yellow. AT first sight, one may believe that the colors are artificial. Lorikeets are found all around Oceania.


Peacocks especially male peacocks are knoiw for their colorful body colors and decorative rear feathers. The male dances and displays its feathers to attract the females.

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