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The Unique Bond Between A Rescued Dog and a Young Boy

Dogs are friendly animals, they are among those few animals which wag their tails when they are happy and dogs are seen doing that most of the time. A man rescued a labrador, brought it home and took care of it. The poor dog slowly mingled with the man's family, especially his young son, who took a liking of the dog. They have developed a special bond now and stay together most of the time.

 Special bonding between a little boy and his dog

Innocence friendship

The innocence friendship of small boy and animal

While angels sleep

Pure friendship...

Pure friendship between little baby and his dog, who's describe specail bond between both are ....

A touching friendship

Enjoyeing Idylic Winter time

A little boy and his dog enjoyeing idylic winter time

Specail friendship

Specail friendship Between a boy and pet animal.....

Clear friendships

Unbreakable Friendship bond....

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