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The Simple but Funny World of Cows

Cows are quiet, simple and busy animals. Busy because they are mostly lost in their thoughts and pay no attention to the world around. Cows graze for the most part of the day and in the remaining part they sit and gaze into the unknown.

 Funny Cows

Beacause I'm Happy

One for the Camera

Clean my Nose

One of many benefits of having a long tongue.

Do you Have a Cookie

When you appraoch a cow, they always assume you have something for them to eat

Ear Receptors

When Cows don't understand something, they bring their ears out front in order to recieve better

Lost Something

I for looking for my....aaaa..something..something important


He can't believe the news, whatever it is

Where is the Camera

The cameraman is lucky to have clicked a good picture, otherwise those horns look quite sharp

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