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The Bond Between Cats and Dogs

It surprises us when we see a cat and a dog sitting together calmly. We have always seen one chasing the other or fighting and biting. There are exceptions, especially when both the parties know mutual survival is the only option. They put their guards down and live together peacefully...well not exactly.

 Cats and Dogs


Cats like to rub themselves against things and people. It is usually a sign of affection, if it rubs against a living thing.

Just Met

Looks like they have just been introduced and both are awkward.

Sniff Sniff

This dog is probably making sure the cat is real

Wide Eyes

The cat is probably doing it on purpose because it knows this breed of dog has button for eyes.

Pinned Down

Don't mess with the short legged dog

Cuteness Overloaded

People could learn from that.

Pounce Alert

That cat is unaware it is going to be pounced on any moment.

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