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Surprising Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed

Sometimes we want to forget a film the second we walk out of the movie theatre, but sometimes we desire to get its copy and rewatch it again, and again, and again. Maybe the acting is captivating, maybe the cinematography is beautiful, or maybe the filmmakers have hidden so many little details within the scenes, you find something new every time you press play

 Surprising Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed

Buildings Develop

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In "Up" (2009) The Town Buildings Develop Over The Years

Christopher Nolan

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For Interstellar, Christopher Nolan Planted 500 Acres Of Corn Just For The Film Because He Did Not Want To Cgi The Farm In. After Filming, He Turned It Around And Sold The Corn And Made Back Profit For The Budget

Fight Club

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This Is The Warning Screen On The Home DVD Version Of Fight Club

Hood Ornaments

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In "Cars" The Canyons Are All Old Cars And Hood Ornaments

Kevin Goes

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When Kevin Goes Through Buzz’s Things, He Finds A Picture Of His Girlfriend. He Says “Woof,” Implying That She’s A Dog. Director, Chris Columbus, Thought It Would Be Too Mean To Ask A Real Young Girl To Be In The Photograph So He Asked The Film’s Art Director To Have His Son Dress Up As A Girl

Princess Bride

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The Cover Of The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary Edition Dvd Can Be Read Upside Down As Well As Right Side

Pulp Fiction

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Pulp Fiction

Two Trees

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In Back To The Future The Name Of The Mall Changes When Marty Goes Into The Past And Runs Over One Of The Two Trees

References : Boredpanda

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