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Lazy Lords of Animal Kingdom

Some animals like Giraffes and Dolphins sleep for very less time but there are others who get up or move only when they need to eat or answer the nature's call. From super lazy Crocodiles to Koalas who seldom get down from trees, here are the some lazy lords of animal kingdom.

No Honey No Work

Looking At this fellow, it is hard to imagine it could ever climb a Tree


Anything for A Nap

Don't Look at the one above, Imagine the extent of laziness of the one under him.

Flippers Down

Though Seals Love to Swim, This One Knows the Hazards of Sleeping in water

Koala At Rest

Have You Ever Seen A Koala running around on Ground ? These Lazy bears are so lazy that when it rains, they just hide their head between Knees.

King of Water is also King Of Comfort

Scientists say that taking a brief Nap during daytime is beneficial and takes away stress but maybe these Crocodiles never find time to read. Crocs are so lazy that sometimes it becomes difficult to tell a Croc apart from a stone.

Sleeping Queen

If Lion is the King of Jungle, Lioness is without doubt the Queen and when the 'King' sleeps most of the time, Queen should get some time to rest as well.

Iguana Dozzing Off

Iguanas are good pets and generally tend to mind their own business.

Cat Streching

Cats are among the most pampered pets. They sleep most of the time, sit in the lap's of owners and seek attention in the remaining time.

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