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Crazy and Funny Expressions of People

Humans are rich in emotions and they are very expressive as well. Sometimes these emotions come out too strong. Sometimes a loud laughter or cry could frighten the onlookers. Sometimes a frowny face could make you laugh.

 Human Expressions

Because I am Happy

And they Say Happy Woman is a Myth.. well look at her

Oh my ..

Her eyes are about to pop out

What Did I Do

Remorse or despair are two conditions which are infectious.

Don't Get Me Angry

Someone stole his cookie

Guilty Charlie

Guilt purifies one's soul..but that doesn not mean, you should do things to feel guilty every now and then.


It is good to be silly sometimes, even when you have every reason not to be.

Surprise !!!

We don't have the other photos, so it is difficult to tell how she took it but so far so good.

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