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Adorable Kids Of Dangerous Animals

Some animals are so dangerous that if you get close to them you may either lose a body part or will be stomped. But their young ones are just like other babies, cute and playful. One can play with these kids, only when the parents are not around.

 Baby Animals

Fox Cubs

Fox kids look like miniature versions of their parents.

Baby Rhino

Rhinos are quite moody and one may stomp you if he is in bad mood but same is not true for their babies. Baby rhinos miss the horns on their noses and they concentrate more on playing rather than crushing someone.

Bear Cubs

Bears are strong animals and one blow with their paw could kill a large animal. However the young ones are adorable, they have claws but they use them for digging things and scratching their siblings. Bear cubs can climb trees as well as their parents.

Cheetah Cub

Cheetahs are the fastest running animals and are good at hunting deers and other small animals. Though there are few incidents of Cheetahs attacking humans, they are wild animals. The cubs, however, are cute. They have more longer anf fuzzier hair on their body which makes them even cuter.

Crocodile Babies

When people think of crocodiles they imagine a toothy ferocious animal and it becomes hard to imagine if even the babies will look normal. Despite all speculations, babies are beyond doubt cute. They are a little bigger than lizards, when born.

Lion Cubs

Now coming to the ferocious ones, Lions are called the king of Jungle because there is hardly animal which has not hosted feast for the king. Lion cubs look very cute and very small, it is hard to imagine a cub of the size of a kitten will grow to become a huge killing machine.

Tiger Cubs

Tigers are powerful animals and even better at hunting than lions. Tigers are known for jumping to long distances and running quite fast. Their cubs have the similar stripes on their bodies and even growl like their parents, very timidly though.

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