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Most Naturally Beautiful Countries in the World

World is beautiful and has a lot of variety. In the world at some place there is ice, in another place there is sand, beaches, forests, mountains, valleys and all other landscapes. Some countries are home to large deserts and some have glaciers floating around, then there are some places where it rains all the time. There are as many varieties in the world as there are countries.

 Natural Beauty


Australian outback is famous for its vast lands and and deserts. Australia is a large country and has beautiful beaches and mountains as well. Then there is Great Barrier Reef on east coast and crocodile national park in the north.


Brazil is rich in natural resources. It's Amazon forest is host to uncountable number of flora and fauna species and the amazon river. Brazil is also known for its beaches.


China is another large country and its stretch gives it advantage of various landscapes, from river valleys to mountains to dense forests. It is also home to Giant Panda.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country in the south of Mexico. There are dense rainforests in the country. Almost 25% of the land is covered with dense forests which are home to various species.


When it comes to natural variety Ecuador is among winners. It has active volcanos, glaciers and dense forests and is rich in ocean life.


Italy is known for its natural beauty. Dolomites mountains are among the most beautiful mountain ranges. Monte San Giorgio are marine fossils of the Triassic period. Italian landscapes include a variety of valleys as well.


Mexico's Monarch Biosphere Reserve is meant for Butterflies. There are many wildlife sanctuaries in mexico which hold a number of animal and plant species.


Peru has over 36 archeological sites along with many Incan ruins. It also has the world’s highest tropical mountain range.


Mount Kilimanjaro rests in Tanzania. Apart from volcanos, Tanzania has vast plains which are rich in wild life. Thousands of wildebeest, gazelles and zebras cross from Tanzania to other places every year, it is one of the most spectacular events.


Thailand has beautiful beaches and islands around it. It is also home to sanctuaries of tigers and elephants. Rock formations of Krabi are world famous.

United States

United States is mostly known for its technological advents and military power but this large country encompasses a great variety of natural beauty. On one hand there are sandy beaches in Miami and wetlands in Mississippi and on other hand there are deep gorges, deserts in Texas and then there are glaciers in Alaska. Every possible landscape one could think of is present in USA.

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