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beautiful ducks

The ducks built a nest, laid three eggs, and hatched two fluffy ducklings and one little drake. She warned them against the castle, because an evil witch lived there, but one day the witch saw them and lured them inside.See here's beautiful colorful ducks

 Mother duck with sweet babies

Mother duck takes her sweet babies under her Swing

Baby is peacefully sleeping between the wings

Very Cute & Beautiful White Duck Swimming in blue water

Probably sleeping while Swimming

Mallard duck Posing In The blue morning

To lazy to lift her neck

Full of colors

This duck has been blessed with all the colors of the rainbow

Just one Fish for Lunch

Looks really hungry

Birds of Beauty

Swans have wings longer than the length of their bodies

Beautiful Swan

Swans can swim almost silently in the waters.

Shinny Morning

Reflection of sunlight looks splendid in the waters and the swan swimming across it makes it perfect

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